Art Every Day Month -- my first day

Today is technically the 5th day of AEDM.  I had already given myself permission not to start until today, so I don't feel guilty that day 5 is really my day 1.  Traveling some 600 miles to be with my husband for the month of November seems like a good reason to postpone working on art a few days. 

I think I'm going to need a plan of attack, though.  Even a list of goals might be helpful.  Recently my main goals have been to work on and finish various projects to list in my Etsy shop.  Photographing them, writing descriptions and doing the actual listing are also on the top of my daily to-do lists.  Apart from that, though, I have been wanting to work in media other than the fabric and yarn that I have been focused on.

So, here goes.  A list of goals for AEDM:
  • Sketchbook -- right now my sketch book is mostly used for jotting down crochet and sewing ideas.  I use it to figure out how I'm going to work linings for my purses or what new jewelry ideas pop into my head.  I'd like to reclaim it for other sorts of sketching, too.
  • Watercolors -- I have at least one definite watercolor painting idea.  I imagine it as a series of paintings.  It's been in my head for a while, but I haven't pulled out my paints to try to capture it.  This month I will.
  • Collage -- I have one collage that has been in progress for months and months.  This month I will finally finish it.  
  • Soldered jewelry -- I need to practice my soldering.
  • Embroidery -- I have embroidery ideas but they haven't made it to fabric yet.  What am I waiting for???
That's enough to start with. 

Accomplishments today?  Well, none from that list of goals.  Sketching a purse idea:

Progressing on a crocheted purse and a crocheted bracelet.
Tomorrow I hope to have more to show for myself.


  1. I started late too and I love that we've given ourselves permission to say it's ok!
    I'm impressed with your organization - I'm flying by the seat of my pants with AEDM. Maybe I can get some pointers from you!

  2. It's easy to look organized. Just make some lists!

    And I guess planning and organizing and list-making can be seen as avoidance, but I'm hoping that by formalizing my to-dos I can hold myself accountable. After all, those to-dos have been around for a while in my head.

  3. The great thing about AEDM is that it's meant to be what works best for you! Look forward to seeing more of your crochet projects :)

  4. You're right! I think having a supportive group to help me hold myself accountable (in whatever way I choose to do that), will be most helpful to me.

    Thanks! :)

  5. You are so smart setting out some ideas, making a plan. Mind if I copy you in planning? I think I'll need it to make it through the whole month.

    I love your blog. :)

  6. Makes me so happy that I've inspired you! Definitely copy me in the planning!!

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog!


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