Diving In

I have more creative work I want to do today, but I figured I'd take a break and write a blog post, just to keep on track.  I've been keeping on track pretty well.  First I worked on writing up a description for the purse I wanted to list on Etsy today.  Then I switched gears and dug out my watercolors.  I wanted to start on the series of paintings that have been formulating in my head for a while.  I was inspired on one of my walks back at the farm.  It was evening, just after sunset, and the Queen Anne's Lace seedheads silhouetted against the sky caught my attention.  I snapped some photos so I'd remember.

The photos are blurry, but they captured the essence of what I wanted to paint.

I started on the sky today:

I haven't used the pan paints for a long time and had been a bit biased against them, but I was inspired by Vivian Swift and decided to give them a try.  They worked fine and brought back memories of the hours I used to spend with my Crayola watercolors. 

Here's the sky when I stopped to let it dry:

Looking back at my original photos I see that the real sky was grayer than my painted sky, but in general I'm happy with how it turned out.  Most importantly, I had a lot of fun playing with the paint (and listening to The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest).  

Did you happen to notice the view out the window in that photo up there?  It's snowing today.  Snowing and snowing and snowing, though not accumulating all that much.  Not sure if it's Cleveland's first snow, having not been here at all this fall, but it's the first snow I've experienced so far this year and I was certainly not ready for it.  Here are a couple photos from the porch windows.  Ick!

I'm perfectly happy to stay inside and work on projects all day. 

I did get the purse listed on Etsy after stopping painting to let the sky dry.  I love this purse and am so happy with how it turned out.

What next?  I'm not sure, but as long as I have tea and my audiobook, I'm all set.


  1. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, because it brought me to yours. I love the title of your blog, the explanation of it, and the fact that you are following your dream. Looks like you have a good start on your watercolor painting!

  2. Who would have thought that it would snow in Cleveland sooner than in Viroqua?? You have to admit it is pretty. We've had nearly nonstop sun here since you left. Tonight there's a new moon so the stars ought to be spectacular. I hope so. I'd like Dad to see them with me.
    Good job with the photos to capture an idea for a painting. I never think to do that. I'm thrilled you're moving ever forward embracing your inner child and the natural artist you have always been.

  3. I can't believe you have snow! Wow! I love the purse...that is awesome! And awesome that you're painting and listening to hornet's nest :)

  4. great posting!!! i enjoyed readin all about how you think through
    um kinda like me
    beautiful pictures!!!
    the painting will be awesome too
    and lovely purse

  5. Love your purse..so pretty. WOW! snow already that is crazy.

  6. Yikes - seeing those snow photos makes me want to stay inside!

    That is a beautiful purse!

    p.s. I'll take a blue sky over a gray one any day ;)

  7. Thank you, everyone for your kind words!!


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