what I've been up to

I've been working on a variety of projects.  Some are already finished, photographed and even added to my Etsy shop.  Others are still in progress (some still just sketches in my notebook and others just ideas in my head).  But I thought I'd share a few of them with you today, since I haven't done that for a while.

I sewed up a few more things with my bright happy fabrics.  Another scarf:

I'd been wanting to do a skinny scarf for a while and I really like how this one turned out.

I also made another patchwork purse, this one is little:

It closes with a sweet crocheted flower and one of my vintage pearl buttons (I am LOVING them!).

Those were really fun to make and I enjoyed working with all those fabrics.  They really do make me happy.

I made a couple more crocheted bracelets (I can't help it, I'm addicted).  A tiny version of the granny square bracelet:

Again, using my vintage buttons!  I really like how the granny square bracelets have turned out, but neither the larger one nor this smaller one have gotten many views in my shop.  I'm going to have to figure out a way to convey just how cool they are.  Or maybe I'm just weird?

And another of my popcorn stitch cuff bracelets.  I needed something that I could mindlessly work on while watching a movie.  Unfortunately I got too involved in the movie and kept having to pull out my stitches, but the bracelet eventually materialized nonetheless.

Purple!  And of course, I needed to use more of my buttons.

Told you I am loving them!

I am also working on a purse I designed for a lovely piece of pink corduroy.

The purse is a lot further along than this, but this photo is the only one of have of it.  There's Dovey (an inevitability when I put fabric on the ground) with her favorite toy.  You might not be able to tell, but that toy is an empty roll of tape.  She can never get enough of that tape roll.  She loves playing fetch and will run after it again and again and again, always bringing it back.  She's such a funny cat.

Working on this purse has been so much fun.  I don't have much experience working with corduroy and the corduroy I've used in the past has always been fine wale, so this has been a learning experience.  For example, this corduroy is very messy, shedding little bits everywhere.  Also, I've learned that corduroy's grain pushes other fabric as you sew and no matter how many pins I use, it seems I can't fully keep that shift from happening.  But it's also been so fun because the pink is just so cheerful.  Working with that fabric makes me feel good.  It also made me think of hearts and Valentines, so I've spent a little time on a side project, sewing up a couple heart-shaped pincushions with leftover fabric.

(In that one you can see a bit of the new fabric I've been cutting for my next quilt.  I am so excited about that project and will take some photos of all those fabrics soon).

Truthfully, it's a little deformed, but it's still cute and cheerful.  The plan for my purse is to decorate the exterior with lots of my vintage buttons and as I worked on the purse, I imagined a pincushion decorated with the buttons, too.  Of course, the pin cushion was a learning experience, as well.  More fabric shifting, fraying of edges and I also learned that just because the placement of the buttons looks good when the fabric is flat doesn't mean that the buttons will still look good once the pincushion is sewn together and stuffed.  Oh yeah, and I learned just how hard it is to get a heart shape to look right when sewn and stuffed.  I did sew a second one (that also looks a bit wonky) and I plan to keep sewing them with various fabric combinations because I am determined to make a heart that really is heart-shaped.

As my current easy-to-crochet-when-movie-watching project, I've started another purse in a basketweave stitch:

My other crochet project is still secret, but I'll give you a hint that it is another floral jewelry project.  I am dying to spill the beans with that one, but I also want to keep it under wraps until I'm totally finished.

So there you have it.  Whew.  Seems like a lot when I spell it all out like that, but it also seems that my progress is slow.  Which can be a good thing.  I don't want to rush and I want to truly enjoy each project.  Of course, my mind is jumping ahead to lots of other projects, too, which can make my slow and steady pace at times feel frustrating.  But life is always a balancing act.

The other big project that Mom and I have just begun is garden planning for spring.  We've just started studying the seed catalogs and figuring out what we want to buy for our big vegetable patch and for the fun garden I'm planning around the potting shed.  That will be a pure delight.  I'm thinking a bit of a potager with a mix of old-fashioned flowers; herbs and some prettier, more decorative vegetables.  I'm still enjoying the winter and the snow, but there's something wonderful about garden planning at this time of year.


  1. Looks like you have been busy! What progress is being made! I have not done anything creative lately. Just trying to keep up with the laundry and assorted sundry items. I am looking forward to getting ahead of it all or at least catching up so I can spend some time getting inspired and working on some 'fun' things! Looks like Dovey is having a blast! I may need to steal our leftover roll of tape to. Maybe our fur balls will enjoy one also. Although they have been accustomed to milk jug rings!!

  2. Jeesy peeps! You have certainly been busy! I love your colour combo in your skinny scarf and bag...so lovely! I also LOVE that cardigan you're wearing in the scarf photo...did you make that too? So cosy looking and great style!
    Look forward to seeing the crochet project currently under wraps..you sure know how to keep a girl in suspense :)x

  3. You have been busy! All your work is so pretty. And garden planning sounds so lovely.

  4. I think your granny square bracelets look lovely. The squares are so tiny and delicate. I love the look of the basketweave stitch - it looks very technical! I think I need to start looking at seed catalogues too!

  5. So many beautiful hand made items to feast our eyes on, Anne!! You are really an artist with a needle or crochet hook, as well as with a paintbrush!
    I am impressed with and inspired by your productivity!! And your creativity!!

  6. Wow!!! You are on fire girl!!!!! Good job!!! I love those bracelets and cuff. Very cool.

  7. I guess I HAVE been busy. Thanks for all of the encouragement and kind words. It really means so much to me.

    (And yes, the sweater is one that I made. From the book The Crochet Closet by Lisa Gentry. It was really fun and easy to make and I love how it turned out!).

  8. Anne, they are lovely. I can see that they are very well made.

    And a cute cat, very good looking.

  9. Oh how I love both your bracelets..you are very talented always like coming here to see what you create..


  10. This is a really late comment but...I really like the Granny bracelets! How come they're not in your Etsy shop; they're one of my favorites of yours!


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