One of the things that features prominently in every day at the farmhouse is cooking.  My mom and I bake.  We make big pots of soup and freeze the leftovers.  We try new recipes and cook old favorites.  Always food.  And more food.  Even when we're tired or feeling lazy we eat well.  Comfort food stashed away in the freezer.  Delicious leftovers reheated.  In my old life I felt tired and lazy a lot of the time, but those tired and lazy meals were often laughably weird or inadequate or bought at a drivethru.  What a luxury it is to have the time and inclination to cook and bake and eat and eat and eat.  Of course, it's also not such a good thing because I'm not getting all that much exercise right now.  I hope spring and its labors come soon, or at least before my clothes get too tight.

I used to photograph my cooking all the time and recently I realized that I don't do that very much anymore.  So I got out my camera to snap some food shots.

I wasn't lying about enjoying any excuse for baking cupcakes!

I've made two batches recently.  The first, a chocolate-chocolate-chocolate recipe that my mom found for me, turned out rather strange.  They tasted fine, but their consistency was dense and a bit rubbery.  After that I really wanted to make my favorite, a recipe from The New Best Recipe.  It's a great cookbook and the recipe for cupcakes is delicious.  Instead of the chocolate frosting, I like to make the cream cheese frosting (from their carrot cake recipe).  I like the aesthetic of white-on-white, or rather cream-on-yellow of the cream cheese frosting and yellow cake, but it's also SO tasty.

The other food that I love making (and eating) is pizza.  I've been making pizza since my junior year in college when I finally had a kitchen.  Sometimes it was a rather gross kitchen because I lived with 3 boys for half of the year and 4 for the other half (you don't even want to know about the bathroom), but that year I found solace in cooking and pizza was one of my favorite things to make.  I don't use a recipe (except when, on rare occasions, I make the deep dish, potato dough crust recipe in, you guessed it, The New Best Recipe).  Pizza is so adaptable and I've made it in so many different ways.  During the summers I love running to the garden and cutting all sorts of herbs and picking tomatoes and other fresh ingredients.  Other times I make it with whatever I happen to have on hand.  Last night I made a pizza with mushrooms.

I love arranging the mushroom slices carefully on top of the cheese and the watching the pizza bake in the oven.

My mom laughs at my predilection to watch things cook.  Listening to music, drinking wine and working on some sort of project is the best way to watch pizza cook.

We have leftovers waiting in the fridge for whenever we need a quick meal, or until we can't wait any longer.

Have you been cooking (or eating) anything yummy lately?


  1. Dearest sweet anne, these look sooo yummie!! I love cooking too but im just now good when it comes to baking. :) So happy to be back here after the holidays! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  2. Everything looks scrumptious. I can't believe you didn't mention our gourmet Culver's meal!!

    I did make delectable banana nut muffins the other day. Reduced the sugar just like your mom suggested and the banana flavor really sparkled.

    Hope you two are well - thinking of you!

  3. I love the way you have strategically placed the sliced mushrooms!!! I love baking Anne and I think your cupcakes look delicious. I have never made them with cream cheese frosting so I think that I will be giving that a try.

  4. Not to disappoint you, but I am sorely lacking in the culinary arts department!! But what gorgeous photos of cupcakes and pizza!! I think that reading your blog and your mom's is going to be good for me. I have never done any gardening and do not love cooking, but hearing the pleasure in your "voices" as you write about these things stirs my interest and makes me want to try. You are two very talented ladies!

  5. Thank you, everyone. Wish you could join me for cupcakes and tea!

    Shhh, Nosila, we only take very important guests out for gourmet Culver's meals! ;) Actually, that inspired me to try making my own chicken tenders and they turned out pretty good.

    Simone, let me know how your cupcakes turn out!

    Judy, I'm glad to inspire you to try new things, but don't worry, if you're not interested in some things, that's fine, too!

  6. Tom made chicken and dumplings from Tyler's Ultimate (Tyler
    Florence from The Food Network) --real comfort food! Your pizza looks delicious! I think I will investigate getting Tom The New Best Cookbook---
    He's a fan of Cook's Illustrated recipes. You've probably noticed Tom is the chef, and I do the salads (with dried cranberries and walnuts) and clean up.

    Thanks for all your photos and postings-love'm!


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