TIC TOCC -- some doodles

It's been a while since I've posted about Kat's TIC TOCC exercises.  I've been thinking about her doodling exercise ever since I read that newsletter.  I have not been doing any drawing, even to sketch out ideas for projects.  It's something I want to do and it's one of my goals to do it regularly, but I'm not comfortable with drawing because I don't feel very good at it.  Of course, if I never do it, I'll never get better at it, either.  So last week I finally sat down and worked on a little doodle.  I used a pen which is always pretty scary for me because I'm afraid of "messing up." 

Although the finished product is not the point of doodling, I'm happy with how it turned out.

I was determined to do this week's exercise (in a timely manner), but when I read through it I saw that this week's prompt would be best as the inspiration for a bit of fiction.  I'm working on a few different writing projects right now and didn't want to start another.  But then I realized how silly that is.  The whole point of the TIC TOCC exercises is creative play.  Just because I wrote stories from most of the other prompts doesn't mean that's the only form of creative play I can use.  So, this week I did another doodle. 

On the bottom I wrote: "On the back wall of the old stone building was a three paneled wall hanging, meticulously hand embroidered.  A fat cat watched me from her cushion and I wondered again just what this place was."

I didn't time myself.  I've kind of abandoned that aspect of TIC TOCC, but I don't think it took too long.  Now, perhaps I can keep drawing and doodling on a more regular basis.

Thanks, Kat, for the inspiration.


  1. Beautiful doodles!! I love the embroidery panels so full of detail and so gorgeously presented in the three panels. And the fat cat is very cute. The piece of writing intrigued me as it dropped me into a scene and left me wanting to explore further.

    As it is well known, I love doodling because it offers that meandering freedom of expression and I always like to approach it with no expectations or pressure.

    I'm glad you didn't impose any restrictions on yourself and decided to play along. You're completely right that I do the TIC TOCC to encourage creative play and there are no real rules other than to be kind to yourself :-)

    Thanks for the lovely words & advice on my blog today.
    Kat Xx

  2. They are all pretty but my absolute favourite is the last one. Gorgeous!!!

  3. fun doodles. love the sunny one.

  4. inspiring Anne! I love how you managed to get through your fear of not being good enough and really allow your heart to guide your hands in creating this illustration. Taking the first time is always scary but the result it always worth it. Believe me, there is no ugly illustration or mistakes.. art is art and it's a freedom of expression. :) Happy doodles!


  5. I love your doodles in pen they look lovely! The second on is really great especially with the little story snippet!

  6. I think your drawings are beautiful Anne. I can relate to what you say about being uncomfortable with drawing though. I'd like to be able to draw and paint, but I find sitting down to try really intimidating. You've made some gorgeous things for your etsey shop btw, I enjoyed having a browse around xxx


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