Paint Party Friday, finally!

I've missed a few weeks what with traveling and trying to catch up with all the various things I've been doing, but today I am back and with an actual finished painting!

You might remember the abstract that I'd been working on and blogged about here, here and here.  Well, I'm finally done.  It sure went through a lot of changes.

And I although I want to keep tinkering with it, I'm done.  I attached the Queen Anne's Lace flower with matte medium, not really knowing what I was doing, but it seemed to work fine.  Overall the painting was a lot of fun to do and really therapeutic, too.

I stayed away from circles with the beginning of this new abstract.

I was inspired by an image of red, blue and white squares/lines.  It wasn't a very clear image and once I got the paint on the canvas, I began to be unsure about my design.  It looks more like a flag than I'd like it to, but it's just the beginning.  I'm not sure where it's going to go next.

One of the things that was brought up in the Get Your Paint On course was creating little thumbnail sketches of painting ideas before setting any paint on the canvas.  I really loved that idea, but I never seem to be able to do that.  This technique was also suggested in that watercolor book I was looking at the other day.  For those of you who paint, do you do this? 

As for watercolors, I started another one but didn't get very far yet.  I was inspired by the sweet peas growing in the potting shed garden.  I brought some in and have them in my favorite tiny vase (a thrifted bottle that looks like an ink bottle).

For the life of me I could not mix my paints to get a bright pink, so I reinterpreted the color.

I like how this is turning out so far.  I'm taking it really slow and doing a bit of layering.  I also used some masking fluid for highlights on my bottle.  I better get back to my painting table and work on the bottle because I don't want to leave the masking fluid on too long.

And if you wan to see some great art, be sure to stop by the Paint Party Friday blog.


  1. I love your abstract paintings, they are just awesome. Your flowers are coming along very nicely. I love the way you paint with watercolor, the paint just seems to flow. Great work. Happy PPF! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Your abstract paintings are great! Love those flowers. Yes and I do draw a little thumbnail drawing sometimes just to get to composition right!!! Happy PPF!

  3. Loving the end result of your abstract, fab work and the flowers are already looking beautiful. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Love the Abstract and the flowers are going to be delightful! Bravo!

    Happy PPF ~ Carol ^_^ (Share the Creative Journey)

  5. I LOVE sweet peas and these are coming along great! I've always had a hard time with pink, but just recently stumbled onto a good mix (quite by accident!) of Windsor Blue and Crimson, don't know if that would work with water colors, but maybe worth a try?
    Oh ad I do thumbnails for some of my work, they're helpful in figuring out ideas and comps, but can sometimes lead to over thinking in my opinion!
    Happy PPF (a day late;))

  6. That abstract is wonderful. It's really great to see all the different versions before you decided it was done. I love the final colors.

    Your sweetpeas are off to a great start.

  7. Wow the flower was the perfect final touch!!! Love your new abstract! And I love the way you painted your petals, so delicate and lovely!!!Deb

  8. You abstract turned out lovely. The queen Anne's lace was a great addition. The new abstract is looking great so far, as is the watercolour!

  9. You finished the abstract beautifuly! And I love your watercolor wip.:)

  10. I love the way your abstract painting morphed into such a colorful and deep piece and I see you red, white and blue one is coming along... you will get that flag look out the more you work on it. And I just love sweat peas... yours are starting out great looking and what a cute little bottle :)

    your canning response on my blog was funny ;)

  11. Beautiful start to the sweetpeas painting. I find reds to be elusive. I've noticed in colored pencil sets, there are rarely real fire engine reds. I have brownish reds, yellowish reds but few that would make a pretty pink.

  12. I love the transformation of your abstract painting. Powerful results; at least for me and how it impacted my personal feelings. And your watercolour has a great start to it. I so wish I could paint flowers but don't seem to be able to master that. :)

  13. wow, you have some beautiful work going on here!

  14. Thanks for visit me - as I browsed your blog and admired your paintings, I find your comments similar to my reflections of my tree art.....always finding fault. My inner critic seems to have a well developed voice! :) I love the abstracts - I haven't really attempted that yet because I'm not sure how I would tell if it was done :) Your WIP watercolor looks like it's going to be great - I can't do realistic flowers to save my life. But, I have a camera!!

  15. Love the way the drips slightly show through on your abstract piece... It is so great to see the stages!

    Sometimes I do thumbnail sketches first, sometimes not... it depends what I'm painting.


  16. hey anne, i miss you on PPF and thereby welcomes you back!:) Your abstract painting is gorgeous and just by looking at those circular shapes is already calming! The added flower is just right! I am excited to see your WIP for the next abstract. I love your WIP also on the flowers.. and I agree that sometimes we need to draw or paint on a piece of paper before putting in paint on canvas.. it makes you test the colors first as well as the mix of paints to know if you love the color mixtures or not:)

  17. woweee, that is a journey your painting has been on! I love all the different colours and it goes to make your final piece look so rich in depth and colour. Brill with the added photo too, great contrast.
    You have my awe at painting sweet peas, the subtle colours and shades and shapes are soooo tricky! :)
    I'm also sooo glad to read your earlier post where you acknowledge your amazing talent. Truly i see you as a sculpturer of wool :) Beautiful and intricate beauties that you create. I for one can't wait to see you turn it into a "proper business".
    Big hugs to you xx

  18. So different than what you usually do and I love the abstracts!
    You really are a master with those watercolor though. Love both styles!

  19. I turned out great, especially when you added the flowers. I love it. thanks for visiting my blog.

  20. loved the mixed media piece with queen anne lace! happy ppf a bit late. take care, gerri

  21. Your finished painting is absolutely gorgeous and I love the changes it went through to get there. x

  22. Adore how you incorporated the Queen Anns Lace into your painting...beautiful! Of course the water colours you create always delight.A true gifted artist : )

  23. Hi Anne,
    First, I loved seeing your bracelet on the "Sightly" blog! I always thought your bracelets were lovely!
    Your abstract with the Queen Ann's Lace is so interesting. I don't know what inspired you to put the blossom on there, but it really works!
    And your drawing of the sweet peas is so pretty on its own, but as a watercolor it should be beautiful! You have a very delicate touch!

  24. Thank you all for the kind comments and encouragement. (I know I've said this before, but it's so true!) It means so much to me.

    The flower on my abstract really is a flower. A pressed meadow-picked Queen Anne's lace bloom. I've used them in jewelry and I've got a couple other projects going on that are using bits of the plants.

    Anyway, you are all the best support network anyone could hope for.


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