introducing... joy list mondays

On New Year's Eve I mentioned that I had plans and ideas for 2012 and Joy List Mondays is one of them.  I was hoping to trot out my plan entirely formed and perfected, but surprise, my idea is not entirely formed and perfected.  I don't have a "button" and I haven't yet decided if I want to post my joy lists every Monday or once a month or what.  But waiting until something is perfect and fully planned isn't always necessary is it?  Waiting for perfection on this will delay my beginning it.  And begin is what I want to do.  So, here I am.  Beginning.

The tiny seed of my idea was planted when I posted my 12 joyful thoughts.  Inspired by Tiff's posts on the Dottie Angel Blog, I made up a list of 12 things that I felt joyful about.  It's easy to see why that appealed to me.  I love making lists and I think it's important to notice the details and celebrate the joy in life (it's one of the points of this blog!).  For a while now a couple of my oldest friends and I have been sending each other quick emails with the highs and lows of our days/weeks.  It's great to look at your day and think, what is the Yay! for today that I want to celebrate.  There's always something no matter how small or seemingly trivial.

like trying to cut a roasted eggplant slice and creating a heart

As I began thinking about the changes I wanted to make to my blog for 2012, I thought, why not make joy lists a regular part of it.  Starting today I'm going to post lists on Mondays of things that bring me joy.  Will you join me?  If you have a blog, post your list on your blog.  If you don't, leave a comment on my blog with your list or write your list in your journal or in a special notebook or even just on a scrap of paper.  Make the process add to your joy.  Let it be a time for reflection and gratitude.  For now I'm limiting my lists to 5 joyful things, but feel free to make yours as long or as short as you'd like.  I'm sure this feature of my blog will change and evolve over time.  Have an idea or a suggestion?  Let me know.  Now, on to my list!

  • receiving a personal email from Amy Butler in response to one I sent her*
  • cheap incense (99¢) that smells good
  • long mornings with Matthias
  • sunshine
  • the blank slate of a new year

What's bringing you joy today? 

*as part of 30 Days of Giving Thanks I sent her an email sharing my gratitude for the beauty she's created in the world.  She wrote back to me today!!


  1. That was a great link to your "old friends". They must be pretty awesome people. :)

    I'll add a brief list:
    1.) book club tonight was fun
    2.) yummy leftover baked potato soup for dinner, which I made!
    3.) old friends and good advice via email.

  2. What a great idea! I posted mine:

  3. Great idea! Here are some of mine for the day:
    1) Feeling hopeful
    2) Having TWO good books to read at once (Farm City by Novella Carpenter& All Things Bright & Beautiful by James Herriot

  4. Just catching up with your posts Anne! Well as it is Thursday, my joy list Thursday is: listening to the birds singing outside my window, looking forward to the lengthening days, the anticipation of a sharp frost tonight and the quiet hum of my computer!


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