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Starting out my 4th month of weekly Joy lists. It feels good. Do you write them, too? (Some of you share yours here and I love it! Thanks!) Do you find that once you start jotting down the Joys you could keep going and going? I've been finding it hard to limit myself to just 5.

  • being featured on Etsy's front page last night
  • finishing and packing up and mailing out my piece for the Handmade Joy exchange
  • sunshine
  • flowers
  • my sketchbook prepped and ready for Dana's first assignments (yes, I'm behind already!)

See my rose necklace?

And do you remember my trachelospermum painting?  Well, the plant I used as a model is blooming now and the flowers smell delicious.

Although some of my houseplants are end-of-winter scruffy, I'm still surrounded by flowers.

Including a weird bloom sprouting from the amaryllis bulb I bought before Christmas. It never had any sort of growth. No flower stalk. No leaves. And now, a flower opened at the top of the bulb.

I'll take it.

I hope your week is full of Joy. I'm off to play in my sketchbook. But before I go I'll share one last link.   It's my sister-in-law's new blog. I've been nagging her for ages about getting back to blogging and it makes me very Joyful to see her new site.


  1. I love this idea, it's beautiful. Congratulations on being featured over on Etsy!

  2. well I certainly be joyful about making the front page of etsy, too!
    hi Anne, nice to "meet" you! Hope you've been loving Dana's class as much as I have.

  3. Thank you! And, yes, I'm totally loving Dana's class!!


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