painting a day -- day 4

Four days so far and I haven't missed a single one. Even with one day full of hiking and going to work and today full of errands and more errands. It was amazingly soothing to be home after running all those errands and to sit down at my table and paint. It was lovely yesterday, too, even being slightly rushed. I was able to create a few moments of calm just by sitting down with paper, paints, water and brushes. Which makes me think that I should not listen to myself when I think I'm too busy or too tired or don't have time to paint (or do other bits of art). Painting might actually help in those situations.

Today was another watercolor day. First, I painted another maple seed on my first page. I didn't like how that first set of seeds was placed on the page. When I painted them I wasn't yet sure what size I'd be cutting the paper down to and they were awkwardly placed once I realized I wouldn't be trimming any of the width.

This time I was finally able to paint one with a lovely reddish tinge. I like how it turned out and I like it beside the others.

Next, I turned to my flower arrangement from the other day. I really wanted to paint the columbine, but the pieces I had cut were pretty sad looking. I cut some fresh and started sketching and painting.

I had wanted to revisit my new painting books and do some color mixing experiments before jumping into watercolors again, but it hasn't happened yet. I'm trying to ignore the fact that my mental to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer.

I like this painting, too. My teeny tiny, fine tipped brush is becoming my best friend.

Finally, I worked on the little doodle from yesterday. I took my micron pen and doodled some more. I'm usually kind of scared by the thought of drawing with a pen. It's just so permanent. Letting go was fun.

Not a masterpiece, but that wasn't the point.


  1. I love how intricate you paint Anne. Your attention to detail is fabulous.

    It is so great to have the bit of time to sit and paint even while rushed. This evening I started another painting and my son sat and painted too. It was wonderful! xo

  2. Your paintings are so detailed and delicate Anne. You should be proud of what you have achieved.

  3. I love your delicate seeds. It makes me marvel how you do that.. those fiber details! The flower is very sweet and tiny. Love your space. Keep painting!

  4. Your columbine flower looks as if it would be at home on an illuminated manuscript.

  5. Your painting is so delicate. I can't get enough of looking at it. You just keep getting better and better!

  6. Thanks for all the encouragement, everyone! I've been loving the painting! Watercolors are such Joy for me!


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