too hot

Yesterday I kept checking on the thermostat in the dining room as it slowly climbed to a high of 91. Inside. The heat has not been agreeing with me, but even so, I've been feeling inspired. Spending time making a mess in my studio. Spending time with my camera in my hands. Even when I was lying in front of the fan on the floor with the dogs.

Hope you're managing to stay cool and to savor every Joy.


  1. i get it.
    i melt in july.
    every year.

    take it easy, anne!

  2. Just to help you out we are having our wettest June EVER in the history of measuring just how much rain England can produce. Wanna swap? :)

  3. You know where to go to cool down.

  4. Lovely doggy photo! We will have a bit of yout heat Anne (not too much though as I don't like to be hot!!!)and we will give you some of our cooling rain!!! It rains almost every day in the UK at the moment with risks of flooding. We have had no barbecues this year and only sat outdoors briefly in March when we had a heatwave! Have you tried putting ice cubes in a hot water bottle and holding that? :-)

  5. oh my! no a/c??? it's going to be a record 108˚ here today :( that is too hot even for me and I like it hot. Just gotta keep in the shade and around water. We do have a/c though so I can get a break when needed. It must not get that warm up there normally. We've been in triple digits for over a week now and no break until next week. Keep cool, if you can!! sweet pup ;)


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