art in july and veggie leaves in the studio and on my plate

My friend Judy is beating July's heat by spending as much of the month inside working on art as she can. She's calling it her Summer Art Retreat. I love that idea! Not because I am looking to stay inside (I enjoy spending time getting dirty and sweaty in my garden), but because the idea of creating my own personal art retreat really appeals to me. I'd like to try out a few new art projects during this month, but I'd also like to be able to use the month to motivate myself to spend more time working in my sketchbook. Somehow that always gets pushed to the side and I don't want it to. Of course, I want to continue with my watercolors as well.

My most recent painting was created with inspiration from the veggie beds.

Five leaves came up to my studio for me to paint.

It was such fun to layer the paint for this one, though I do have to admit that I was tempted by those fresh leaves. Tempted to eat them that is! When I was finished with the painting I brought in a few more bits from the garden and did eat them.

My favorite kinds of salads are made up of a little of this and a little of that brought in from the garden and dressed with a splash of rice vinegar and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Now my stomach is growling again!

Here's the finished painting (available in my shop):

What about you? What's inspiring you today? Do you like the idea of creating your own personal retreat for the month of July?


  1. Such fantastic Watercolours Anne! Your passion for salad leaves certainly comes through in the painting! I think this is your finest artwork yet. I love Judy's idea of an art retreat, and although not doing 'art' specifically I am going to use the month being creative making things.

  2. I love that you're entering into the spirit of the Art retreat, Anne!
    Oh, veggie leaves - the type of thing we take for granted until someone like you brings out their intrinsic beauty in a painting. You are so in touch with nature and I really admire that! Happy 4th and Happy Creating!!

  3. Yum on the salad and great job on the painting. Yes, to the July Art Retreat. xo

  4. They all look yummy. Enjoy your art retreat!


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