December: Focus on Joy

In June I focused on joy. Maybe I should rephrase that, because, in truth, I try to focus on joy every day of the year. In June on my blog I focused on Joy. June was a very joyful month. Such beauty in the garden, at the farm. So many flowers. Oh, I miss the flowers. Seems like all I want to do lately is read about gardens, look at photos of gardens, watch movies with garden settings. The big painting project I've been working on is all flowers. The crochet pattern that's in the works right now is flowers...

But I digress. December. That today is the first day of December is baffling to me. How did we get to this point in the year? How can we slow things down during such a busy month so that it doesn't just disappear like the other 11? How can we find peace in what can be a chaotic month of overwhelm? Well, how about we focus on joy?

For me, focusing on joy means slowing down. It means taking time to pay attention. Taking the time to savor the beauty that is around me and to be thankful for all of the blessings in my life. It's not just another "to-do" on my list, although I guess I DO need to remind myself daily to do it. Even so it's simple. Like getting up from my work when the sun is going down to check on the sunset. (Have you been having beautiful sunsets lately, too? Here we don't have a good view of either sunset or sunrise, but the skies have been so lovely at both times of day even with our limited views). It's simple. It doesn't take much time. It costs nothing. There are so many things we can do to increase our joy and to savor our joy and it really just starts with awareness.

Here are a few ideas:
drink hot cocoa
spend time snuggling with a kitty
stand for a minute with the sunshine on my face
force some paperwhites or start growing an amaryllis bulb
paint my toenails
fill a colorful bowl with oranges (and eat them)
watch the birds at the bird feeders
give hugs
light fragrant candles
go for walks
take bubble baths (or soak with epson salt and essential oils)
make a snowman

What about you? Are you in? Do you want to celebrate joy all month long with me? I would love to hear what you're savoring. I would love to know what sort of ideas you have for increasing your joy and your awareness of it. I'm not planning on posting every day, or as often as I did during Joy in June. Most of what I'll be doing will be done away from the computer. Yes, I'll share my joys here on my blog, on Instagram and on Facebook, but so much of joy is ephemeral, to be experienced personally in the moment. What I DO want to do online, though, is to inspire YOU to savor joy this month, too. The way you do that is up to you, but I hope you will join me this month and Focus on Joy.

Oh, and wondering what's bringing me joy today?

There might be snow outside, but inside I have flowers. And a kitty on my lap.

I hope you're finding some joy today, too.


  1. It brings me joy to read your "to do" lists - yes! to hot cocoa, yes! to kitties on our lap, yes! to growing paper whites and yes! to admiring your pale pink fuchsia and geranium blossoms. Its clear they're happy in their winter quarters with that bright green wall behind them. Thank you for reminding us that the season is what we make of it and it doesn't have to be frantic; we can take a moment to savor the small pleasures in each day.

  2. What beautiful flowers Anne. I love the pale pinks. :) Yes, that is my intention. Focus on the joy of this month. Yesterday I just filled my vintage Pyrex bowl with clementines and put a vintage crochet doily underneath and placed it on my dining room table. :)

  3. It's all about the light!
    In nature, in our homes, in the smiles we share, in the hope of the season.

  4. Thank you, Anne, for the reminder. As I rush to prepare for another art show and the stress builds, I will keep in mind your suggestions and allow myself to savor the joys of everyday things. You are an inspiration!

  5. Beautiful reminder, Anne.
    Love those pale pinks!

  6. Dear Anne, visiting your blog always brings me joy. beautiful and inspiring post. big hugs to you!!!


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