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Making Mistakes and Following Your Own Path

I've been thinking a lot about the mistakes we make. I make mistakes all the time. Saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, forgetting to do something, doing something the wrong way. That's life. Those mistakes are momentarily frustrating or inconvenient or embarrassing, but not a big deal. We move on.

Last weekend I sewed one of the sleeves of my tunic inside out. I swore, I whined, I considered going to bed, but in the end I redid the sleeve and finished the tunic (and vowed to pay better attention to right and wrong sides when the fabric has no right or wrong sides).

I've made a few more public mistakes recently, too. My Gentle Nudge Towards Creativity image -- the one I posted on my blog and on Instagram and included in my newsletter -- had a typo. Someone pointed it out on Instagram.

Ugh! That winter newsletter had other problems, too. I couldn't get it to send and then some people ended up getting it three times (If you're one of those people and are st…

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