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Celebrating the Ephemeral and Nudging Your Creativity

The peonies in my garden came and went in a flash. We had a crazy heat spell just as they were opening and they didn't last. Before they disappeared I cut some and brought them up to my studio to paint.

I didn't realize how long it was going to take me to finish the painting, that the flowers themselves would be a distant memory by the time I was done. But sometimes that's the way things go. I totally missed my chance with the bleeding hearts this year. Maybe I'll get to them next year.

Not everything in the garden passes so quickly. All the time I've been spending out there getting plants in place and growing sets me up for lots more painting subjects later in the summer. It's an investment in inspiration!

Spending weeks with this painting made the peonies last so much longer for me than they otherwise would have.

And in the finished piece* they'll keep blooming and blooming.

That's one of the most joyful things about painting for me. It's always a…

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