New Space

It's strange writing in this new space.  Facing this blank box and not knowing what to write.  I don't usually have blogging writer's block.  I'm sad to be leaving my old blog and site.  Which is funny because I have been wanting to make a change for some time now.

Enough of that.

Alison came for a visit this weekend for a whirlwind visit.  Long walks, chatting, eating, a tiny bit of shopping and a couple games (Alison won both Scrabble and Scattergories).  I've been busy making more things for my Etsy shop.  Unfortunately, we have not had the weather for photography.  Today it's super windy and very wet.  I had been on a roll there for a while.

The rain softened the ground and yesterday's lack of rain gave us a chance to dig up the the grass, turn over the ground, add some compost and plant the garlic.  Hooray!  The first crop is in the ground!


  1. Thanks for acknowledging my wins! I think my competitive spirit comes from being an only child - I ALWAYS won the games I played against myself : )

    Thanks again for such a wonderful time. I know it was quick but it was packed. Can't wait to see you both again. Love, me

  2. Glad you had a good time. And of course I'll acknowledge your wins. They were stupendous.


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