The crazy wind has continued.  It is so loud, howling and rattling.  The windchime bell on the back porch has been ringing constantly.

This morning the gate was blown open despite my tying it up with twine yesterday.  Then later this morning parts of our picket fence blew loose.  We didn't have enough rope, so were forced to sacrifice the clothesline in order to secure the fence.   

I finished some more projects, even with a pounding headache.  I only wish that I could take some photos.  It's too dark inside and outside it's cold, wet, dark and WINDY.  My tripod would probably blow over.  Mom had to hold onto the ladder with her whole weight when I was taking down the clothesline or else I would have been toppled by the wind.  On our morning walk there were times when I could lean forward, supported entirely by the gusts.  Good thing I was wearing glasses or my contacts probably would have flown right out of my eyes!