another day, another necklace

I was not going to post today (I'm feeling a bit headachy and cranky), but I finished the necklace I was working on and I was so excited about it that I wanted to share.

I am so happy with how it turned out.  I found a pattern for a 3-D rose online a while ago and after trying it out, I decided to make some adjustments because the petals weren't quite what I wanted.  These three roses are different variations on my adjustments.  I wanted the roses to be attached to a simple "chain" (actually a row of double crochet) and I wanted a surprise of some leaves in back.  In my original sketch I had imagined that both ends of the necklace would have multiple leaflets, but I like the asymmetrical version better.

This off-white cotton is a bit of a trial run.  I want to make similar necklaces with colored cotton.

The deep red rose I'd had in a bottle lost its petals today.  The almost petal-less flower was so striking that I had to photograph it. 

Really too dark for a good photo, but I just wanted a photographic note to myself.  Maybe I'll try to paint it.


  1. Gorgeous photo, I think it would make a great painting as well.

  2. You did a spectacular job of getting the necklace designed and constructed. I kind of like the simplicity of the trial run cotton, would look smashing with a little black dress, or eggplant, or spruce, or claret, or deep, deep brown.

  3. You are a sculptor and your medium is crochet!:) Your necklace is truly beautiful!!

  4. Beautiful necklace - great job on the roses. I'm assuming you've been clever, and written down your adjustments as you went on! Unlike me ;-)

  5. I love your necklace! So are you going to have this be a part of your Etsy shop? I love the roses and the leaves. Truly a gem :)

  6. This is lovely! I'd better see your shop now :-)


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