Inspiration explosion

After yesterday morning's post I sat down to paint and got a  bit carried away.  In a good way.  I started out with a very pale wash of blue with the intention of painting a daytime version of the Queen Anne's Lace scene.  The paint didn't seem to be working in the magical way it had on my first Queen Anne's Lace painting and I was a little discouraged.  I set this one aside after having only done a little bit.

Basically, it's still a blank slate and can become whatever I want it to be.  Next, I tried again working on another sky.

The paint wasn't behaving just how I wanted it to, but I enjoyed playing around.  I'm planning on working it some more and have a few ideas on where to go next.  It's been so freeing to realize that I can work on paintings in stages and not have to complete something all at once.

After the skies I really began to play.  I wanted to use some more color and worked on the beginnings of what I think will become abstract flowers.

The second one went in directions I was not expecting and I used colors that I hadn't set out to use when I began.  Mostly I just enjoyed playing with color and watching the watercolors do their thing.

Finally I began work on what was my favorite piece of the day.  I had been sad that all of my inspirations that I had access to in the country were not available to me here in the city, but then I went on a wander through my garden (looking for roses to pick) and was reminded of the fact that I have Queen Anne's Lace growing here.  I picked a few seedheads and flower skeletons and brought them in to my workroom.  Instead of looking at the Queen Anne's Lace from afar, I wanted to paint it up close.

I had a few "Oh, crap!" moments while working on this, but mostly it was just a joy to watch the flower appear on the paper.  I want to work some more on this before I'll consider it "finished," but I was so happy with how it turned out.  Although I still have fears nagging at my thoughts, I've been able to work past them, thanks, in part, to all of the encouragement I've been receiving from everyone in AEDM.  I so appreciate it!!

My crochet experiments that I attempted yesterday were less successful.  I'm playing around with creating a new stitch for a bracelet and it's slow going.  By the end of the day I set aside my experiments and decided to make yet another cuff bracelet with my made-up popcorn stitch (I'm addicted to it!).  This one will be even bigger and chunkier than the last one, but as I started on it so late, I haven't finished it yet.

Today I was delighted to see that one of my bracelets made it into another treasury on Etsy!


My start with Etsy has been slow, but I expected it to be.  Even so, with each view, heart and treasury I get so excited.  Maybe I should be more focused on drumming up sales, but I'm enjoying easing my way into this, figuring things out as I go and having plenty of time to play with techniques and projects as I slowly amass an inventory.


  1. Anne,
    Love your Queen Ann's Lace painting! As for the rest, i think the key word is "play" and how amazing it is to see the paint do its thing! I love doing that on fabric.
    Good luck with your etsy shop!!

  2. The up close version of the Queen Anne's Lace is lovely and looks so delicate. Oh, how I wish I could crochet I tried making granny squares once and they ended up being square on one side and round on the other. Good Luck on your etsy shop!:)

  3. Your Queen Ann's Lace painting is awesome! I think playing around really opens up the creative faucet.

  4. I love your Queen Ann Lace painting also. Beautiful! I know what you mean about realizing that you do not have to finish a piece right away that you can go back to it. I think when i got over that need my work changed.

  5. I love your sky and the Queen Ann delicate..really lovely :)
    So you made up that crochet stitch!?! Wow! I'm sooo impressed, looks like you'd need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out :) I'm good with the old treble and double stitch :)
    Well done too with the treasury appearance....I love your easy relaxed approach to your shop. It'll will work to your advantage of that I am certain :)

  6. great title for your post, and awesome paint experiments! i'd love to see that popcorn stitch!

  7. I love seeing the progression of creativity...wonderful stuff - keep it up!

  8. Great post. I love the Queen Ann Lace. I love your sense of playing with creation. I know what you mean on Etsy, I know some who are all etsy all day, they spend more time promoting their store than making things. I am just not ready for that.

  9. Beautiful work - beautiful soft... I think it's all great...sometimes it's just about the process and playing around :) keep it up definitely...I love AEDM and the group energy and support to help us all along!

  10. OMG seriously that Queen Anne's Lace piece is soooooooooooooooo beautiful!!! I adore it. And the blue sky -- the second one -- omg, I could just fall into it face first! Don't know if I mentioned it before or not, but I also am in love with the banner of your blog -- the story you share there about the Giant Strawberry origins and all the photos -- really just lovely -- completely enchanting! So so so glad to have connected via AEDM! Miracles!! k-

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. Today I've been enjoying looking through your blog posts and seeing your many beautiful creations.

    Sounds like your Thursday was similar to mine - with lots of projects on the go. I loved all your paintings and especially impressed to learn you aren't used to paint as a medium.

    Good luck with your Etsy shop.

    Great to connect up with you on the wonderful AEDM challenge :-)


  12. Your "color explosions" are fantastic I love how they pop off the page. Congrats on the Etsy store, I hope that it goes just as you wanted.

  13. congrats on the treasury listing. The Queen Anne's lace is simply breathtaking. Beautiful, beautiful work.

  14. Dearest sweet anne, im loving that piece on Queen Anne's Lace too! It's so fun to see bits of your working process. :) Congratz on the treasury!! It's gorgeous...and good luck with your lovely shop! Sales tend to be a little slow the beginning but i know it will soon pick! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  15. Thank you all so much for the compliments and kind thoughts. It's been such a joy taking part in AEDM. Part of it is the fun of playing around with the art and part of it is the energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of the group.

    All the best to you all.


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