painting, sewing and more roses

On this gorgeous Sunday that's what I've been busy with.  Painting.  Sewing.  Roses.  Feeling full of energy waking up without a trace of the migraine I'd been fighting with yesterday, I was ready to dive right in with my projects.

I returned to a couple paintings I've already shown you.  The stem of rosehips finally got its thorns.

The field with the uncooperative grass got some Queen Anne's Lace skeletons.

The tree got a trunk, some more color and a friend.

The tree branches got three little birds who still need a little color help.

I added stems and bottles to my blobby roses.

I'm much happier with that experiment now that the roses aren't just blobs of color floating in the middle of the paper.

I worked on my tomatoes and their bowl, but am still not happy with that one.

I also revisited the rosehips and tried painting them bigger.

The hips on my model are starting to shrivel a bit, but I ignored that as I painted.  Creative license, right?

The barkcloth purse I'm working on is coming along well.  I'm very happy with the combination of exterior and interior fabric and am glad I decided to line the strap, too.

I was planning on using a maroon-ish broadcloth to make an interior pocket, but decided to just use the lining fabric instead.  Here you can see one side of the lining complete with said pocket.

I hope to finish it in the next day or so.  

I also spent some time photographing the roses basking in the sunshine coming in the dining room windows.

Not a bad day, even if I did not get to some of the projects I thought I would.


  1. Experiment some more with photographing the light coming through and across your flower vases. The backlighting is marvelous. I hope when you're painting you're enjoying the process and not trying too hard for a result. It's the process that should be the reward.
    Glad you're not feeling ill today. It's a bit like being born again.

  2. Off hand I'd say not a bad day at all! Love the larger rose hips - it looks like a design for material and they have a lot of movement to them! The photos are spectacular! and I'm jealous of all those rose you have to stick in diferent size vases. Very nice! And you even got sewing in there! Impressive!

  3. So many beautiful creations here, wonderful!

  4. Woooooooooow! So many beautiful projects.
    Love the lightness of your brush strokes. Pretty purse. The picture of the green bottle made me grin at the screen. :D

  5. A day full of art ! :-D
    I love your barkcloth. Lovely!

  6. thanks for the comment on aedm post. it lead me here to be inspired. i love that you revisited your paintings. the tree branches on and the big golden tree give me a warm happy feeling. it is fun to jump between projects. and that purse makes me want to pick up sewing. so cute!

  7. Not a bad day?! Anne, you are spilling out creativity!!!
    One painting is more beautiful than the next - my favorite being your "blobby roses" which do not look at all blobby to me!
    Also love the tree picture, the gorgeous sky with queen ann's lace - all are beautiful! Top it all off with a wonderful purse and beautiful photography!
    Loved seeing it all!

  8. much done. I love your handbags they are great, your water colors are so pretty as well. Thank you for stopping by my blog, it brings me a smile..;-)

  9. Wow, you've been busy, lovely paintings and awesome purse!

  10. Wow, are you productive! Lovely work!

  11. Thank you all so much for the compliments and kindness!


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