where is the time going?

The last couple days went by in a blur and I don't feel like I accomplished very much.  Guess that's the way it goes sometimes.

Matthias, Holden and I went for some nice walks.  Here's a photo of our shadows looking down into a creek near our house:

I also cut more of the roses that keep slowly opening even after our snow (which is still lingering).

The first rose smells so delicious.  The second rose is much more of a purple-red than the red-red it looks in the photo (it smells good, too), but the color is hard to photograph.

I finished another crocheted cuff bracelet

and had such fun with the buttons.  I took out my button jar and spilled all of the buttons onto the floor.  The ones I did not want to use I put back in, one by one.  I chose mismatched shell buttons for the bracelet, but I also kept out a few other buttons whose color I was enjoying.

My mind started flying with button project ideas.

I'm still experimenting with some other crochet ideas.  When I "made up" the popcorn stitch that I'm so addicted to, it was really just an accident (I misread the instructions in a stitch dictionary and ended up with too little space between the bobbles).  And although all of the crocheted stuff that I've been making is of my design, none of the designs have been very complicated.  Working on taking an idea for a stitch and making it into what I want it to be has proven to be more challenging.  I have been having relative success (after having pulled apart a few failures) on one stitch.

I hope to finish that project soon so I can start playing with some crocheted flowers that have been in the works for a while now.

As soon as I get off the computer the paints are coming out again and maybe I'll play with some fabric, too.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Great photo, so dreamy and such a pretty blue. And I love love your cuff bracelet!

  2. Now that photo looks like a painting - just the kind of image that gets my pastel fingers itching to mess around. You are certainly productive

  3. I love the crochet stitch at the bottom. It looks like the kind of lace I am always looking for when I am buying lace.

  4. So many pretty things to look at here! :D Fabulous picture. The rose is amazing, so sweet. Pretty cuff, lovely buttons.

  5. lovely photos! Online friend of mine is doing fibers on fridays as a feature on her blog, just knitted a hat (my first project for ff) but now I'm thinking, wow, braclets! Cool, oh and yeah to buttons, too. I'm off to the button jar to see what i can find that cold pep my hat into something more fashionable.

    happy CED to you :-)

  6. That cuff is awesome! I've been sitting here drooling over it for way too long already.

  7. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!


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