another great day

Today was another beautiful day here.  Eventually sunny, but COLD.

I liked seeing all of the animal tracks in our snow.

I looked at them up close, but wasn't sure what sort of animal made them.  There weren't clear footprint impressions.

Mom and I went to Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center's Old Fashioned Christmas event today.  I'd never been there before.  Just getting to it was fun.  The drive, once we turned off of the main road, was winding and hilly and at some points the road was surrounded on both sides by tall evergreens.  It was like driving through a tunnel.  I did not have a camera with me (and I was driving), so I have no pictures.  I'm hoping my mom will post some of her photos on her blog.  It was so beautiful.  We took a ride on a wagon pulled by two draft horses and learned how to make lefse.  We met the co-owners of Kickapoo Coffee on the wagon ride.  Our conversation started with a compliment on my hat (one that I'd crocheted!).  There are such amazingly, friendly people here (and really interesting, too).

On the way home we stopped at my favorite store in Coon Valley, Donna's Daughters.  I bought a metal tray turned chalkboard.  I'd eyed it the last time I was in the store.  But my really exciting find is an old tablecloth I found in a different store in town, Dent Bent and Beyond.  Quite a weird assortment of things in there.  My tablecloth was $1.00.

Not the greatest photo.  It's folded in quarters there.  I loved the colors and the pattern.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.  Use it to sew a skirt?  Purses?  Lay it over something?  Right now it's draped over the chair at my sewing table.  I'm enjoying it as a pseudo blanket.  The fabric is so soft.  I might also drape it on my bed. 

And speaking of decorating (sort of), I am constantly bringing bits of nature inside.  Most recently some beautiful peony seedpods.  I have a vase of them on the shelf where most of my collection has ended up.  And some of them also went into the bathroom.

That vase holder (my mom's) has held lots of different plant material since we moved in at the farm.  It's great to have a never ending supply of materials.  The materials came in handy today on an outside project, too.  Remember how I said that I would make a snowman?  Well, I didn't make a snowMAN.  Nope. Meet Eloise:

The snow was terrible for snowperson making, too powdery so it wouldn't stick together.  I managed to coax it into a short, squat snowgirl.  Her hair is hydrangea flowers.  Eyes?  Peony seedpods.  Her nose is a rosehip and her mouth is a piece of grapevine.  And of course, I had to use some Queen Anne's Lace, this time as her arms.

You can just see her from the back windows.

A clear sky and beautiful sunset.

And finally, I finished my granny square bracelet.  It was mostly finished already.  I just needed to sew on the buttons and make the loop closures.  Funny how little things like that can keep me from finishing a project.  Please forgive the bad photos.  It was dark, but I didn't want to wait till tomorrow to photograph it.

I'm working on finishing some more projects (including the purple purse!) and have been in the planning stages of some new ones.  Last night I started a crochet experiment, but it's not working quite right.  We'll see if I can salvage it. 

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend.


  1. Eloise is gorgeous! Nice meeting her. :)

  2. Eloise is lovely - wonderful hair :-)
    Your bracelet is beautiful. I have a similar difficulty with finishing off the last bit of things, in fact I have a small box full ;-)

  3. Love all your pictures, we got our first snow saturday too..(it's doesn't snow here so it was surprising)..Love your tablecloth find it is great. ;-)

  4. Thank you!

    It was such fun playing in the snow and figuring out what bits and pieces to use to decorate my snowgirl.

    Hope you enjoyed the snow, Sherry Lynn!

    Why is it that the last bit is the hardest of all?

  5. That is a pretty pattern on the tablecloth, your snowlady has quite the funky personality and I love the Granny square bracelet.

  6. Love your crocheted bracelet, and the snowgirl is just too sweet!! It's so much fun visiting your blog!


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