a blizzard and some projects

We're in the middle of a blizzard.  Alison couldn't drive up for our weekend because of it.  The wind is howling out there.  I spent the day cozy inside, working on projects, making chili. 

I finished a couple projects recently.  The shrug (actually, it's been finished for a while) I started while I was in Cleveland:

It was really simple to do.  I didn't follow the pattern exactly, partly because I didn't have enough yarn.  I'm happy with how it turned out.

Also simple, was a pair of fingerless gloves that I made out of yarn from my scrap basket:

I just crocheted rectangles and attached the sides, leaving an opening for my thumbs.  And I discovered that they are perfect for wearing when reading in bed when it's cold. 

I also sewed another bag:

Remember all that fabric I was cutting?  Well, it is for an entirely different project, but I got sidetracked into making another bag.  The strap is really long, so I'm going to contrive I way to make it adjustable with snaps and buttons (so it's not 100% finished, but that tiny bit of sewing barely counts).  I love the colors and the fabric and I really love the interior pocket.  The lining is the solid green fabric, but the pocket is a patchwork square lined with one of the patterned fabrics.

I need to take better pictures when it's not so dark.

I also spent some more time working on my paintings.  I don't really love any of them (and I'm not sure that they're finished or if I want to spend more time on them or not), but I'm glad I spent the time painting. 

And the one that I wasn't happy with, I'm still not happy with it:

But that's the way it goes.  And it's all part of the learning process.


  1. So much to comment on! The shrug is so sweet and the fingerless gloves look both fun and practical! Anne, that handbag is beautiful. I have always wanted to try a handbag but haven't so far. And your paintings are lovely. It seems like it would be difficult to paint a glass vase and make it look like glass, but you've done it beautifully!
    Thank you for your comments on my blog today! :)

  2. love, Love, LOve,LOVe, LOVE!!!! All your projects! So..... what is "the other project you are referring too??? Love to see ;) And can I say, I love the bag.
    Really, that one is so awesome!! I cannot wait to get some of my own projects started. And I also can't wait to get Amy's new line! I am so glad you included the bright orange blue and brown in your project. It really spices it up! I like that you used a variety of dramatic colors in this one. It really flows. And your fingerless gloves are something I have never seen you do before. I may try to make these myself after seeing your s they look so comfy and like you said perfect while reading in/on a chilly day! Shrug looks AmAzInG! As well as your paintings. Great, great, GREAT all I can say. But I am sure you know what I mean ;)

  3. Thank you both so much!

    The best thing is how much I am enjoying all of this, how much my creativity seems to be overflowing, how many ideas I have...

    I really appreciate the support and encouragement!

  4. I admire your delicate watercolours. Wish I was half as creative !

  5. Thank you for your kind words.

  6. So many beautiful creations. I especially love the fingerless gloves - they are really beautiful!

    Kat X

  7. Thanks! They're warm, too. They inspired a friend to commission a pair and my mom to make some of her own!


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