buttons and gratitude

I found some great buttons today in an antique store in La Crosse.  The store had so many and it was hard to limit myself.  I could not resist.  (I could, however, resist a gorgeous crystal chandelier, a great cast iron bed frame and lots of cool old tins... see, I do have some willpower).

I'll be using these in my crocheted jewelry and am so excited.  I almost want to take off all of the boring new buttons I had been using and replace them with these.

Are there any supplies that you have trouble resisting?  Things that you like to collect for use in projects?  Things that inspire you?

I've been thinking a lot about gratitude lately.  I had planned on writing a post around Thanksgiving about being grateful, but I did not get around to posting during my Thanksgiving travels.  Ever since I returned to the farm I have felt such gratitude for and appreciation of the beauty and the peace that surround me.  Gratitude for the love that surrounds me, both nearby and far away.  I have been feeling very creative and am grateful for the ideas popping up everywhere and the pleasure I derive from the creative process.  I want to sit with these feelings for a bit and I plan on sharing more thoughts on gratitude in the coming weeks.

What are you feeling grateful for?

On a related note, Jenny Blair from Love and Peas Creations is having a giveaway on her blog for an awesome Joy Journal, a handmade gratitude book she put together using all sorts of recycled materials.  Go over and take a look.  Leave a comment to be entered into the giveaway.  She'll be drawing the winner on December 24th.  Good luck!  And even if you don't win the journal, doesn't seeing Jenny's gorgeous creation inspire you to make your own joy journal, or if you're not feeling crafty, at least find somewhere (a spiral notebook, a journal bought in a bookstore, a post-it note on your desk) to keep track of things that you are thankful for?


  1. It's funny, Anne, I was just reading your blog post when an email popped up saying you'd left a comment on my blog!!
    First, I just love those buttons, and they will look gorgeous on your crochet bracelets. I like to collect lace and beads, although I don't use them nearly enough. Also textural yarns, even though I don't knit!
    And gratitude - something I feel all the time. So glad your creativity is percolating - I can see why it would in such inspiring surroundings.
    So glad you linked to Love and Peas! It's a great giveaway and a wonderful blog!!

  2. Cool buttons and lovely post. This might sound so cliche, but I'm very grateful for my two boys.

  3. Good luck with your pieces - I love old things.

    I am grateful for good health.

  4. Beautiful post and I'm feeling the same way, grateful for so many things in life.

  5. Cute!
    Beautiful new header too. Those winter photographs are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Thank you all.

    It's good to share our gratitude. Nothing is cliche, really, if you're sincerely grateful for it.

  7. Gratitude is something I've been thinking about a lot lately to. And this links with my attempts at living in and appreciating each moment. I shall pay a visit to Jenny's blog - it sounds an inspiring project.

    I have trouble resisting notebooks, handmade/unusual papers and pens (stationery generally). These are my biggest addiction. Like you I also love buttons & have collected quite a big variety. I like using them on cards, collages as well as fabric projects. But bigger than buttons for me is probably ribbon! I have a huge draw full but am convinced I don't have nearly enough. Lol.

    Kat :-)

  8. I love notebooks, too! And ribbon. I have quite a bit of cheap ribbon but would like to branch out and purchase some lovely silk and velvet ribbon, too. I have so many ribbony projects in mind. Funny how we feel like we need so many supplies even when we already have a lot!


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