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My lipstick plant with buds.

Matthias' dad gave us this cactus.  It's given me some bad scratches and often seems to get caught on us and the animals and each fall I'm tempted to "forget" to bring it inside.  And now it's blooming. 

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a bit of a plant addict.  Houseplants.  Garden plants.  Anything growing.  Only some of my plants came to Wisconsin with me.  The rest have stayed in Cleveland with Matthias and he's done a wonderful job taking care of them in my absence. 

Another gift from my father in law.  These little Joshua trees (they aren't really but I can't remember what they really are) are doing well, too. 

Yesterday I moved our bed into the second bedroom.  The room that used to be my studio.  At the end of this month Matthias is getting a roommate and he's letting him have the bigger bedroom.  My former room is warmer and brighter. 

And more colorful.  The walls are one of my favorite colors, a lovely bluish green (or greenish blue, I can't decide which).  The trim and dormer bump-out are white.  And the doors are orange and yellow (the tiny room has four doors, three closets and the entry door).  It's very cozy now.  And it's strange for it to be so different.  When I'm not here it's not so hard to let go.  When I'm back, it's very hard to think about this no longer really being my house anymore.  I miss it and my garden and my husband and my pets more when I'm here than when I'm not.


  1. Love all you plants, they always seem to make a house seem like a home.

  2. I find it so ironic that the day you choose to post a pic of your lipstick plant is the very day I decided to buy one myself! Can you remember the variety of lipstick you have? I have the 'Mona Lisa'. Right now I have all three Orchid plants I own with buds forming. I think I was afraid of killing them when I bought them a year or two ago. I am so happy they have survived thus far and that they are all about to bloom!

  3. Plants do help cheer things up!

    Glad you got a lipstick plant, too. I have no idea what variety mine is. It was a lucky find at Home Depot. Congrats on keeping the orchids thriving, btw! Hope to see photos on your blog!


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