I finished some projects these past few days.  Finishing things is sometimes hard for me.  Take this purple purse.  It's been almost finished for a long time.  Last night I buckled down and finished it.

I am so happy with how it turned out and I love the lining.

I also finished the project that had been my original aim when I'd started cutting all that fabric.

A scarf!  I really love all those fabrics and it was fun to put together.  It wasn't quite as carefree as I'd hoped, though, because I had to spend a lot of time making sure that my corners would match (my first patchwork scarves didn't have that concern because the pieces were of varying sizes).  I'm not always a very precise person and after I sewed together the first strip of patches I realized that I should have been paying more attention to the seams.  After that I kept trying to match the slight inconsistencies with each subsequent row.  While I was in the middle of this, my mom gave me a suggestion of a trick she learned to make the corners match up easier.  It really did work, too.  Makes me wonder what other things I'm doing the hard way. 

And finally, the patchwork bag I was distracted by got its final adjustments.  I added snaps and decorative buttons to fold up the strap and make it a bit shorter.

And while I was photographing it, I decided I'd turn the bag inside out to get a good photo of the interior patchwork pocket and in doing so I realized that the purse is reversible!

All I had to do was add one button so the closure would work either way.

That thrilled me!

When I finish big projects it's always hard for me to decide what to work on next.  I have no lack of ideas.  It's the deciding that's the hard part.


  1. Oh wow! Gorgeous handiwork as always! Love how your bag turned into a reversible one...It's so wonderful when things work out like that!
    I've only just noticed the stunning crocheted necklace in your header with the leaves at the back....sooooo beautiful! I LOVE your crocheted work, you have such a gift!

  2. Love your bags...I will have to go buy one soon.

  3. Thank you both so much. I really appreciate your kind comments.

  4. Love the lining too - the colour matches well with the outside. And a great reversible bag.

  5. I love putting different colors together.



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