goodbye snowgirl; goodbye 2010

It's warmed up and our snow is melting.  All that's left of Eloise is an imprint in the snow and remnants of her garden-gleaned features.  It's also been foggy, foggy, foggy!

Cold and damp and not too inviting out there, but it was fun to tromp around outside snapping some photos.  I haven't done that here for a while.

The coming of the new year is always an exciting time.  I brought out my journals last night and read through a bit of past years' December and January entries.  Resolutions and goals and ideas.  I'll share some of those thoughts soon. 

Happy New Year to you all!  Thank you so much for being so supportive and encouraging in 2010.  It has meant so much to me.  I'm excited to be welcoming 2011, a crisp, fresh blank page. 


  1. And Happy New Year to you, Anne! It is always a pleasure to come to your blog, follow your journey and see your latest creations. And thank you for all your encouraging comments on my blog!
    Here's to a wonderful 2011!

  2. Happy New Year to you, your family and friends! Best wishes for 2011.
    Looking forward to your latest creations and your wonderful photography this year.

  3. Hello Anne, Happy New year and all your support..2011 is going to be amazing..


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