small things

So, maybe a sunset isn't so small and it isn't, strictly speaking, a thing.  The details and bits of beauty have been drawing my focus.  I guess they always do, but sometimes I'm much more aware of it.  That was my last farm sunset before I left Wisconsin to visit first my dad and brother in Chicago and now my husband in Cleveland.  On my drive out of town Saturday morning I noticed a large bird swooping over the road.  I looked up at it, trying to discern what type of bird it was.  White head.  White tail.  It was a bald eagle seeing me off.  A little ways down the road I saw another.  Reminders to pay attention to the beauty that is everywhere.

And when I arrived back at my little, cozy house in Cleveland, along with greetings from husband, dog and kitties, my Christmas cactus greeted me like this:

Hope you all are taking the time to enjoy the beautiful details that make life sweet.


  1. Such wonderful photos. I would LOVE to see a bald eagle flying in the wild!!Wow!! That would just take my breath away!
    There are so many stunning birds of prey around my neck of the woods and they always seem to fly over my path right at the time when things are happening in my life....its happened so many times for so long now that I definitely regard them as my totem animal!
    Must have been lovely to return to your love and your blooming cactus :)

  2. Have a good Christmas Anne. Your Christmas Cactus is lovely, I've been trying to find a place were mine will like, no flower but it lives :). At the moment it seems to like the fire place. Your purple bag really turned out great.

  3. SO many times we forget the small things. We are so busy looking forward or behind we forget to look up, and when we finally do we see some of the most amazing things. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment, it's good to see dreams do come true. I will hold onto mine and maybe one day you will be reading about my farm. Merry Christmas.

  4. So beautiful...

    This reminds me of years ago when I was in Seattle. One day while I was driving on the bridge crossing Lake Washington, suddenly the gray cloud which always hang on Seattle's sky just disappeared and revealed the most beautiful full-curve rainbow. The spectrum was so clear That I think I can count all the seven colors. I wish I could stop the car and take a picture!

    The pretty scene is still on my mind though. Just like you said, it's the reminder of the beauty that is everywhere, especially in nature :-)

  5. Yeah for you! Say hi to Matthias, Holden, and the rest of the posse : )

  6. Related to my comment on an earlier post, yes - I'm really trying to focus on the details.

    A blogging friend is doing a project inspired by this very thing. It is called A River of Stones and if you click on the badge on the LHS of my blog it will take you there.

    Kat :-)

  7. Its me again! Just wanted to say a huge THANKYOU to you for posting about my giveaway...I've only just discovered it! Bless you!! I am so grateful for your kindness and sweetness :)x

  8. Thanks for all the comments, everyone! Love hearing all your stories about beauty and details and inspiration.


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