new paintings and a class

Last week I finally did some more painting.  It had been a while.  First I did this one, as an experiment using masking fluid:

I used a toothpick to apply the masking fluid and was really pretty awkward with it.  I'm going to need a little more practice, but it did its job even if I was a little clumsy.

And then I did this one:

No masking fluid that time.  Just paint on paper.

I really enjoyed doing these paintings and know that I should just keep working at it.  I will get better with more practice.  I should also sit down and study my watercolor book so I can learn some more techniques.

I signed up for an online painting class that will be starting soon.

So I'll be doing some acrylic painting in the coming weeks.  I really enjoyed Kelly Rae's ecourse last summer and Art Everyday Month was a great experience, too.  Not that either are quite the same as this painting class, but I think it will be fun.

I've been busy with some other projects that I hope to share soon and my mom and I have also been doing some farm planning, including placing our order for baby chicks and ducklings today!  Things are moving forward.


  1. The veining on the leaves looks so good! I think I need to get my watercolours out and revisit painting again too! I bet you are so excited to have placed an order for baby chicks and ducklings. I have 3 mature hens but would have loved to have had baby chicks! I hope you feature them on your or your Mum's blogs at some time. :-)

  2. These paintings are great! Good job! I too am taking to many classes right now! Most of them are for my head and writing. Because I am bad with writing. I am taking Mondo Beyondo- Dream Lab, Shifing Ground - Stephanie Lee and Louise Gale's Big Dreams Small Wonders. All very good! So I am a bit busy. But that is how you learn!

  3. I really admire you for taking courses and studying painting, The picture you've shown here are very delicate and lovely.
    My nephew has a home in rural Vermont, with horses (which his wife trains) and a lake on his property. Every year he orders what he calls "a sixpack of ducklings" and really enjoys them!

  4. Thanks for all the encouragement! I've been having so much fun. And trying not to take on too much. I have so many ideas, though!

    Love the idea of a "sixpack of ducklings"! And believe me... I will be taking oodles of pictures of our babies once they arrive. It will be so much fun!


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