another weekend visitor

Remember how I mentioned last month that I was sad that Jenny couldn't join Alison and me for the weekend?  Well, she came up this weekend instead.  I found some other cute pictures, too.  (Funny that in all the pictures we're on the same sides!).

at a party, maybe 3rd grade

Although we've known each other since 1st grade, Jenny and I didn't really become best friends until 4th grade when we both played flute in the band.  It's really funny to think back on the fact that she and I had a couple years that we fought all the time, but other than that, from 4th grade through high school we were best friends.

at a sleepover posing with Buddy

From Jenny I learned the art of talking on the phone.  We'd spend hours talking about everything and nothing.  During college when we were both back during the summer we'd even talk for a while on the phone before I drove over to her house to hang out and talk some more.  We also refined the art of writing and passing notes.  We folded them in complicated ways and had secret, coded nicknames.  I wonder if kids still write and pass notes anymore or just text each other.  I'll have to ask my brother about his students.  I can't imagine our multi-paged notes condensed into text messages.

Halloween, sophomore year of high school

that same Halloween after the rain ruined our first set of costumes

Although Jenny and I don't talk as often as we once did, we've managed to stay in touch throughout the years.  I've lost touch with a lot of my other friends, but she Alison and I have made a point of not losing track of each other. 

We had a great weekend.

on the back porch after a long walk (I LOVE Jenny's hat)
I can't wait to do it again.  And next time I hope both Jenny and Alison will be able to make it.


  1. What lovely the gift you sent special

  2. It is great that you have stayed in touch with your friends over the years. I agree, it is funny that you are both on the same sides in all the photos!

  3. Love the funny photos, aaah memories :)How lovely too that you have made the effort and kept in really can't beat old friends.
    Although I digress....Just popped over to say a big wooohoo and congratulations...just seen your beautiful daffodil necklace on the front page of etsy :)
    Yayyyyy! :)xxxx

  4. Finally getting around to reading! :) What a great entry and fabulous pictures! I love it! Yes, I hope the 3 of us can get together next time for sure.

  5. Friendship like that is such a precious gift. Wonderful photos and story - thanks for sharing.

    Kat X

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Jenny Blair, I missed that.


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