Daffodil Necklaces, finally

I finally got around to finishing my crocheted daffodil project this week.  It's been in the works for some time.  Remember all those flowers?

All along my plan was to make a series of five necklaces using strips of a cotton t-shirt as the bases of the necklaces.  I said that the project would be "involved", which is kind of a funny thing to say, but it was involved in that not only did I make the flowers, make the necklace bases and choose and attach the flowers to the necklace bases, but I also wrote mini stories about five girls and their enjoyment of daffodils and the coming of spring.  Originally I'd also planned on drawing pictures of the girls, but I decided that 1) I didn't have enough confidence in my drawing skills and 2) it would be too involved and kind of strange to sell these necklaces with so much other "stuff" (drawings and stories).

I have to say that I absolutely love how the necklaces turned out and although I plopped them all in my shop today, I am seriously thinking about keeping one.

Here are the necklaces.  I plan to post the stories somewhere, but including them in this post would make it too long.  For now they're just in the Etsy descriptions.

Antonia's Daffodils 

Callie's Daffodils

Hattie's Daffodils

Jillian's Daffodils

Marta's Daffodils

Despite all that progress, it's been a hard week.  I've been plagued by doubts and fears and have had a headache for days.  One of the main points in this week's painting class is the fact that as a beginner you're going to suck.  I'm enjoying painting, but I'm also certainly seeing how much I suck.  I know I need to just stick with it and I'll keep getting better, but that's really hard to do!

Hope everyone's been having a wonderful weekend.  And don't forget, I pull the winner for my giveaway on Tuesday, so there's still a little time get in on the drawing.  Just leave a comment on this post before Tuesday and you'll be entered to win.


  1. You have put so much thought and work into the necklaces. I love that each necklace has a story attached to it. You have many talents! When I started watercolour painting a few years ago, after about two years I felt as though I was going backwards and not forwards. I could see no improvement. I was improving but I had much higher standards of expectation than I had previously. Stick with the painting. You will get there in the end! :-)

  2. Hi Anne! You're necklaces are simply beautiful, totally love them. I've seen some of your paintings and they were very nice. Your cupcakes in the post below look so yummy, I love cupcakes!

  3. Oh Anne, you certainly do NOT suck, these necklaces are true works of art...absolutely beautiful :) Try to be easy on yourself... I too am way down on the u-bend of sucking! (and nearly didn't stick my painting on flickr today) I am reminding myself and you that the gift of creativity is really all about the enjoyment that comes from it..not the end product! :)x

  4. Your necklaces are absolute works of arts . Keep on keeping on and don't doubt yourself. You are accomplishing a lot.

  5. Love the necklaces! :-D

  6. I LOVE this necklace...I think you should keep one for yourself that way people can see it and you then could refer them to your Etsy site..free PR.;-)..You are very talented..I think it is great you are trying painting..I think anytime we try something new it is a challenge..but when we step back in a few months and look at how we have grown it makes it all worth it..Happy Valentines Day..Sherry

  7. Your necklaces are just beautiful and look even more so when modeled as they are in your etsy shop. The stories attached are so whimsical and filled with imagination! You are certainly rich with talent.
    I took a watercolor class at an art college years ago. It sticks in my mind that the instructor talked quite a bit about process. He said that, out of twenty paintings he did, he usually could say that only one was good. Discouraging or encouraging? But I've kept that in mind all these years as I've tried to do my artwork - it's a process! From the paintings you've shown on your blog, it is easy to see that you are very gifted, Anne.
    Hope you had a nice valentine's day!


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