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Yesterday was my birthday.  I didn't actually have candles or a birthday cake (yummy things picked out from the bakery counter, instead), but I thought I'd make a list of some of the things that stick out from the past year.  If I were more organized I'd put them in chronological (or some other meaningful) order, but I'm not, so the ordering scheme for this list is my personal favorite, random.

  • quit my job
  • moved to a house in the country with my mom
  • for about 1/2 of the past year had a long-distance marriage
  • got my nose pierced
  • went to a Tegan and Sara concert
  • started watercolor painting
  • started acrylic painting
  • crocheted two sweaters and a shrug (and lots of other things)
  • took Kelly Rae Robert's e-course, Flying Lessons
  • took the Get Your Paint On E-Course
  • participated in Art Every Day Month
  • participated in A River of Stones challenge
  • participated in The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap
  • started a new blog
  • had a giveaway on my blog
  • opened my Etsy shop
  • had my first sale on Etsy
  • learned how to use a lawn tractor
  • learned how to use a snow blower
  • made a quilt and did lots of sewing
  • grew my hair out and cut it short again (that happens most years)
  • discovered what wild asparagus looks like
  • learned how to make applesauce
  • learned how to make apple butter
  • learned how to can apple sauce and apple butter
  • watched a barn be dismantled
  • learned how to empty and reset mousetraps without losing any fingers
  • heard owls calling at night for the first time
  • listened to coyotes from my bedroom window
  • sprained my ankle
  • got a digital SLR and took lots of photos with it
  • used a tripod for the first time
  • saw more bald eagles in the wild than all the rest of my life put together
  • watched a lot of sunsets
  • started writing poetry again

I'm working on a list of goals for this upcoming year.  It's always fun to make a list of things, large and small, that I want to do, combining things like "sell our house" with "get a haircut".  But the main thing I'm doing this week is enjoying spending time with Matthias and all our pets and having fun in Cleveland.  Since I've moved, it's always weird being back.  It's not quite home anymore but it also doesn't entirely feel like I'm just visiting.

iphone photo of us at my birthday dinner (sushi!!)


  1. Belated Birthday Wishes Anne! You have achieved a lot over the past year. It must be hard having a long distance marriage but it is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I bet that sushi was delicious!

  2. Anne, I love the picture of the two of you. Sounds like fun going for sushi! Or anything japanese. A matter a fact I remember having Sushi with you. Was that my first time? I can't remember now. I am so glad you made it down to Cleveland! I am sure that Matthias- by the evidence found in your picture is extremely happy to have you back for visiting time! Have fun, and be careful on your way back to the farm!

  3. Dear, dear Anne,
    Happy happy birthday!!! What a beautiful snapshot of you and your husband. I love your list of all sorts of things you've done in the last year.
    I wish you a beautiful year to come with many new accomplishments, and lots of happiness!
    Big hugs!

  4. What a wonderful list full of firsts! Happy Birthday a little late (so you can extend the celebrating!).

  5. Happy birthday! Wow, you did so much great stuff! Cool concert! Apple butter is good. Cute pic. You've inspired me, when my birthday comes (not till July) I think I might make a list too. Good luck selling your house, my husband and ours just sold ours in Jan. when we moved from IL to Cincinnati.

  6. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!

  7. Just now read your blog...what a great list and a super cute birthday picture of you too! Happy birthday again!

  8. Sorry I missed your Birthday. But sending you a belated Happy Birthday & wishes for a fantastic year ahead.

    Glad to have met you this past year & look forward to blogging further with you in this new birth year.

    Our Birthdays are so close together & only a year in age between us, like I think you commented on my blog - March Birthdays are the best ;-)

    Birthday Hugs
    Kat X

  9. Thanks and hugs to you both, too!

  10. What a wonderful list! Happy belated birthday!


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