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It is so beautiful here in southwestern Wisconsin.  Even during this end of winter dreary/sloppy/messiness.  Up here on the ridge we don't see the dramatic views of hills and cliffs, just the fields rolling softly downhill from us and distant larger hills.  It's very beautiful, but it doesn't have the drama that you see down the road or around the corner.  A few times a month we take a drive up to La Crosse and Onalaska, the closest cities.  Some spots on that drive are breathtaking.  Last week we drove there so we could buy shelving, fixtures and bulbs for our seed starting enterprise.  Mom drove and I got to enjoy the views.  I didn't bring a camera with me, but I did have my hand-me-down, out of service iPhone in my purse and I snapped a few pictures with it.

That farm is in a pretty spot and if I had succeeded with my photo you'd be able to see the beautiful church that's just on the other side of it.  Having grown up in the city, I'm always delighted by scenes where everyday life (churches, restaurants, schools) butt up against farms. 

A couple more barn photos:

It might be a little hard to tell, but that barn is red with white stripes.  I've seen a couple pinstriped barns around here and they seem so fun to me.  As does this little turquoise barn:

And now some of those hills I was gushing about:

The roads wind through hills and trees and farmland.  I always wonder just how the engineers determined where (and how) to place them.

One of these days I'll take some good photos with my real camera, until then this gives you an idea of what the landscape looks like around here and why I love it.


  1. Breath taking scenery Anne! I am a city girl too, born in inner London in the UK but the countryside just calls to me. I now live in an outer London suburb but would like to go further into the countryside. I would love to see more photos of around the farm once you get to cultivate it. Yes! That was my henhouse in the photo. I only have 3 hens. I expect you will be getting a lot more on your farm!

  2. Anne that looks so kewl. I would love to have those hills around here. I had no idea you had that nice scenery a short drive from your place. I can see even more why you love it there. and I am with Simone, be sure to show us lots of pics as you cultivate the farm. The garden plot, the shed garden, the hen house, show IT all!!


  3. Its soooo lovely to have a wee glimpse into your different from where I live but equally as stunning. The hills or "glens" around my home start off like "hobbit country" then the further into the Glens you go they turn into ancient barren rugged hills...stunning! I shall have to share one day too :)
    Love your new header and am absolutely LOVING all those crochet roses..GORGEOUS, a blooming crochet garden is going on in your house..who needs spring??!! :)x

  4. Oh how beautiful..this is my dream to one day live somewhere like that on my own little farm..

  5. Such pretty scenery, I can see why you love it.

  6. Nice coming along for a ride with you and your mom! Beautiful country - it's easy to see why you love it so much!

  7. oh wow it does look gorgeous...



  8. Thanks so much, everyone. As things warm up and melt and we make progress on the farm I am sure to have oodles of pictures to share with you.

  9. Wow! I agree - you have to follow you dreams. We too just recently moved. Left the suburbs away and moved to the country. I would have loved a farm, but we have a 'mini-farmish house'. I look forward to reading your tales - we seem a little like birds of a feather! xo


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