my creative space -- finishing and beginning

I thought I'd take part in kootoyoo's creative space fun again this week.  I finished a few projects that were very close to being finished but were just sitting. 

This skirt just needed the snaps sewn on so I could wrap it around without it falling off.

Not quite warm enough yet to be wearing the skirt without jeans on underneath.  Yesterday we were blanketed with another layer of fresh snow.

I also finished my newest patchwork scarf.  This was made with fabric leftover from my last quilt.

All it needed to be finished was a little bit of sewing to close the end where I'd turned it right side out.  On the other patchwork scarves I've made, I quilted the edges and didn't need to do that, but for this one I didn't want to finish it that way.

Finally, I finished the roses bag.  Actually, I'm not sure if it's finished.  Looking at the pictures I took of it is making me wonder if I should sew the roses down a bit more so that they're more spread open.

I ended up using an unexpected fabric for the lining.  I'd been looking for just the right piece, but couldn't find what I had in my mind.  I imagined something with a faded creamy background and pinkish or rosy or coral roses.  Even at Olive Juice Quilts where I was sure I'd find something, nothing was just right.  So I looked at the fabrics in my stash and thought I'd try something different.  I had a gorgeous piece of Jennifer Paganelli fabric in tones of green on white that I thought might work.

There Dovey is sitting on it on my sewing table (licking her lips after having been biting on loose threads from the fabric in the pile in front of her -- she always likes to get in on the action).

I think it was a nice choice and I really like how the lining turned out.  You can see in that picture that I've included two snap closures for this bag.  One, a magnetic snap in the lining and one on the top, too.  Well, the second snap was to solve some engineering troubles I was encountering; the roses were just too heavy to keep the top of the bag together.  I was a bit disappointed and frustrated by that, but that's the way things sometimes go.

I have a couple other things in progress, but I decided to start playing around with ideas for my next quilt.

More Amy Butler.  I can't help it.  I've done a few sketches and I think I've decided on a pattern of largish rectangles and squares.  I didn't want to cut up these large patterns very much.  That sort of simple design would also be very fast to put together.  We'll see.

I, finally, started my next sweater, too.

I've had the yarn and the pattern for a long time.

No painting progress, yet.  Well, progress, but nothing finished.

My painting corner is filled with unfinished paintings (and a bunch of other stuff, too).  The rose painting I was going to be redoing last week?  Well, my adjustments started out ok, but then I ended up gessoing the canvas.  It just didn't look right.  As encouragement I recently framed one of my watercolors.

I started watercolors in November and I know that I still have a long way to go, but the fact that I could make a painting that makes me as happy as this one does is really encouraging.  I just need to keep going with the acrylics, get over my fears (and put away fabric and yarn for a bit) and just enjoy myself.  Isn't that the whole point?


  1. Oh, your banner got all springy! Lovely images.
    You always create so much! Inspiring. :)

  2. Hi your skirt looks fabolous, (I would LOVE to have one!), like all your other things and I also like your working table with the cat. Cute!

  3. I love love your rose bag, Anne. Off to visit your Etsy shop.
    Have a happy day xx

  4. Ohh, lovely - I would love to be crafting with all those lovely delights! So nice to meet you!

    xo Rachael

  5. Wow! Your water-colour painting is just gorgeous! I started botanical water-colour painting last year -it is so hard! Your green crochet is beautiful -lovely stitch!

  6. so much happening at your place! love your choice of lining fabric and your new crochet project.
    thanks for your visit :)

  7. Oh wow! I love your roses bag!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for stopping at my blog as I'm SO looking forward to checking in with yours from now on!!! :)

  8. lot's of lovely things you've made, kudos! I'm speechless, they are all amazing, bag, painting, new sweater...

    well done!


  9. Anne,
    I am so glad you shared your workspace! It looks so cool to see lots of things going on. The bright and colorful swatches of fabric, the paint brushes awaiting in its jar. It inspired me and reminds me of my own goals to create a workspace much like yours! Your skirt is exactly what I would make had I had the time! Is that another Amy Butler choice? And that rose bag, I couldn't have picked out a better lining! Your paintings our so fine, I cannot wait to see more! One day I may haggle you to paint some crocus flowers. Don't you think that would make a fine painting? Their little bitty petal's reaching and unraveling through the snow? Another good one would be daffodils. They are pretty wild in nature and tend bow and sag, and that makes them even more appealing! A painting can't hold a daffodils fragrance, or can it?

  10. Love your fabrics and that pretty painting of the cyclamen! You have a wonderful creative space and it clearly keeps you humming. Thank you for sharing it here.

  11. You are multi-talented Anne. I am sure you could turn your hand to any creative project. Your watercolour looks lovely framed up. I still have to get used to using acrylics too! Don't worry about completing a piece of art - just enjoy the process! Have a lovely weekend on the farm.

  12. Wonderful projects Anne! I really enjoyed seeing them. My favorites are your beautiful rose purse, the green crocheted beginning of your sweater (such a beautiful color and stitch) and your framed watercolor. Dovey looks like a good supervisor!

  13. Thanks so much for all the encouragement and kind words. I am constantly impressed by how kind and supportive (and talented) all of the bloggers I've "met" in this endeavor have been. Helps to lift my spirits when I'm feeling down and inspires me to keep going.


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