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I had such fun the last couple weeks at Kootoyoo joining in with Creative Space Thursday that I thought I'd do it again this week.

Finishing my skirt last week has gotten the ball rolling for sewing some more clothes.  I have lots of patterns and quite a few pieces of fabric that I've matched with patterns, but for some reason getting around to sewing isn't as easy as it should be (pattern+fabric=sewing, or at least it should).  I think I get hung up on the instructions.  Being a self-taught sewer and creating my own patterns for things means that I don't know the terminology and ("real") techniques and so sewing patterns sometimes boggle my mind (even the really simple ones). But I decided to pick up the next pattern/fabric combination in my stash and just get on with things.

The other day I cut out the pieces and now I am ready to sew this pattern:

I'm doing the top pictured on the model. 

I'm also working on my next quilt.  I've cut all the fabric for the top.

A simple design and large pieces; it shouldn't take long to sew.

I've also been thinking about revising a dress I made last year.

I have it hanging in my room to remind me.  I think I'm going to shorten it and maybe sew up some flowers from the extra material to adorn the neckline.  It's just so boring as it is.  I'd been hoping for simple elegance.  Instead, the few times I wore it I felt like I was wearing a nightgown.  Maybe that's another reason for my reluctance to actually sew all the things I have planned.  In the planning stage they remain fabulous.  In reality they sometimes end up being less than.


  1. Your quilt looks beautiful - love the colours.
    I also love the colours in that picture on the wall behind your dress!

  2. ooooh, that quilt is gonna be gorgeous!!

  3. Your idea for updating your green dress sounds wonderful and I think that quilt will be so pretty. The colors are lovely.
    I used to make clothes back when I was a teacher (and a size 8!) and always found it hard to fit them properly! Good luck with your jacket - such a pretty pattern!

  4. The quilt top looks great.

  5. I so get that ...the idea in the head can be oh so much more glamorous than in reality...good for you being self taught...I only have distant memories of what my mum taught me but it gets me along fine enough. thanks for stopping by my space too.


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