spring is coming

Last week we got a few more inches of snow, but since then it's been melting.  We've had snow on the ground continuously since early December and although I love it, I am ready for spring.  I'm ready for color and growing things and flowers. 

This Queen Anne's lace plant is still standing and although it's beautiful, I long for some flowers that aren't brown.  I'm fantasizing about all the lilac flowers we'll have when all the bushes and trees are ready.

The buds are fat.

I'm ready to start transforming things here.  Things like our orchard (right now just grass).

The trees will be arriving sometime in April, I think.  

Other than just the melting snow, though, I can feel spring getting closer.  The time change and all the lovely sunshine we've been having is certainly helping.  And the birds.  The birds know that spring is on its way.  Yesterday I noticed robins for the first time.  Back in Cleveland the robins don't leave for the winter, but here I can't remember the last time I saw one, until yesterday that is.  Yesterday I also noticed the return of red-winged blackbirds.  They've been calling and calling.  They serenaded the sunset last night and I went outside to listen.  It wasn't exactly warm, but it FELT like spring.

I know winter hasn't quite let go yet, but soon.  Even if we get more snow, I will not be discouraged because I know that spring really is on its way.


  1. You may not have colourful flowers but you have a beautiful blue sky and a glorious sunset. I too am looking forward to seeing how your farm develops over the coming seasons.

  2. Oh I love your photos and beautiful words to go with them :) There is no greater feeling than the hope of spring in the air...aaahhhh, LOVE it!:)x

  3. I'm hoping you both are enjoying that same feeling of hope and excitement of the coming of spring. Glad to be sharing my journey with you and I so enjoy getting glimpses of yours, too.


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