there and back again

I had a whirlwind trip and now I'm back. 

Left just as it was getting warm.  So lovely to see all of the signs of spring at the farm. 

But there was still snow.

And ice on the pond.

But the robins and red-winged blackbirds were everywhere.

We left ten days ago, my mom and I driving to Chicago where we spent time with my dad and brother and celebrated my birthday.

I snapped some pictures at our favorite hotdog place.

I guess it's kind of a weird thing eating in your car in the parking lot.  That's a hotdog hiding under all those french fries (freshly cut and fried and so hot you can barely eat them) with plenty of mustard, some onions and relish (and hot peppers if you so desire and sometimes if you don't).  It's awful if you think about it, but it's so, so good.

I spent much of the time at my dad's house playing with the Spirograph:

It's a bit addictive.

Then I flew to Cleveland for a whirlwind visit with Matthias.  I had a wonderful birthday with him.

And then back to Chicago and more hanging out with my dad and brother and mom.  I'm feeling exhausted just thinking about it, but it was lovely.

Now we're back at the farm and spring is progressing.  It hasn't been especially warm here -- the warm spell we had before we left was short-lived -- but the snow has disappeared a bit more.

And the pond has melted.

The bulbs are growing bigger.

And things are getting greener.

 We even noticed our first garlic sprouting up.

But I feel like I'm still catching up.  We've been running errands and getting things accomplished (I finally got my Wisconsin license plates!  And we bought and set up bookshelves in our upstairs hallway so our books are finally off the floor!), but I've been tired and a little off kilter from the zigs and zags of my trip.  I've done no art since returning two days ago and I don't think I've fully processed my emotions from my trip.  I'm itching to pick up my watercolors again and I have a short-story percolating and a long list of crochet and sewing projects... I'll be back in the swing of things soon.  I just need to be patient with myself.


  1. It sounds like you had a busy but fab time. It always takes a time to get back into the swing of things when you've been away (either physically or just because you've been busy doing other things). I feel a bit like that. March has been much busier socially (major Birthdays etc) than I'm used to, which has also meant more need to rest in between and so I feel out of my routine. And like you have a load of ideas & emotions flitting around my head. Harder for you because you've been away with loved ones. We live hundreds of miles from our family and I have that emotional adjustment period when we return from visits. I can feel torn between being with them but also being very happy where I am. Its hard. Perhaps use your journal to write/draw/paint out your feelings & thoughts. I find that helps me.

    I loved seeing the before and after the trip photos of the farm - that was cool.

    Kat X

  2. The french fries look delicious! In the UK we call them chips and they are served with salt and vinegar and sometimes curry sauce! I bet you are so tired with all the travelling about and glad to be back at the farm. It looks as though it is greening up nicely now. March has flown by and I can hardly believe it is April tomorrow. I bet work at the farm will escalate from now on!

  3. I'm so glad to see you back, Anne. It does sound like you packed a lot of experiences into one trip, and wonderful visits and celebrations. Glad you're giving yourself some time to process everything and get your feet back under you. Your photos are wonderful and it's nice to see signs of spring!
    Hope you'll get some rest and enjoy getting back to your art.


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