rain, rain go away

I'm in Cleveland again, now.  I drove out here with the intention of spending some time with Matthias and working in the garden.  I left Viroqua in a bit of a snow storm, and although it was sunny when I arrived in Cleveland, it's rained every day since.  Nice spring we're having.

It is lovely to see the spring flowers.  Lots of things are coming up in the garden and all of my roses are starting to leaf out.  Spring really is here, even if it's not something I want to be out in right now. 

One of the first things I did when I got here was cut some daffodils, so I've been able to enjoy them despite the rain. 

I've also baked cupcakes and made a big pot of soup.  Good rainy day activities.

The plan is to do some painting today.  (And later Week 2 of TIC TOCC!)  I brought only watercolors with me (and already hit up all of the art supply stores in town to find a few more supplies).  I'm going to tackle the daffodils, but am a bit nervous about it.  I've been studying the flowers each day, considering how I'll do my sketch.  They're complicated-looking flowers (or at least to my eye they are!).

One of the lovely things about being back here is seeing all of my plants.  We have a four season sun porch that is FILLED with plants and lots of them are blooming.  Including my fuchsias.  Plenty of subjects to paint.

I brought this one into the dining room where I'll be working.  It's trained into a standard and bounced back from falling off the plant stand last summer and losing a good deal of its stems.

A bit of a funny shape and badly in need of repotting (it's in smaller plastic pot inside of the ceramic one), but look at all those flowers!  Matthias has been taking good care of my plants.


  1. Your plants and daffodils are beautiful, Anne. I'm sure you'll have some lovely paintings to show. Enjoy your time with Matthias!

  2. Awww bless....I'm not sure that I would come home to find my plants blooming in quite the same fashion if I left my sweetest Stu alone :)
    Beautiful flowers...and yes I completely get what you say about daffodils looking tricky.. tried sketching them the other day....lets just say they will remain hidden from public view :)
    Hope you have a lovely time in Cleveland and that the sun shines soon :)x

  3. Your photos remind me again just how much you and Matthias have done to bring your little house to life. The cutout next to the stove is one of my favorite improvements. Do you envision any such additions to the farm house?? It will be lovely to have Matthias' creative eye here with yours.

  4. Lovely flowers, beautifully displayed. I love the chair too. Really cool piece. And the elegant blue vase that can be seen in the background.
    Enjoy your time with Matthias! :)

  5. So glad you are able to visit Tias!!!! Sorry about all the rain, it's been raining cats and dogs here to. Happy to see your Fuchsia! I remember when you adopted it :) I need to adopt some more plants soon! I cannot wait to see your daffodil painting! Who knows, maybe you will suprise yourself with it ! I hope Holden is doing well!!!

    Miss you!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Your flowers are very pretty, I really like that first photo of them, the lighting is really cool. Been raining crazy here too! The other night at like 1:15 my husband, kids and I had to squeeze into a closet cuz the tornado siren was going off!

  7. Thanks so much, I've been having a wonderful visit, even with all the rain!


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