all over the place

I feel like I've physically been all over the place and mentally and emotionally, too.  I had a hard few days, a full few days and I'm a bit exhausted.  Lots of driving (with my senior dog and canary),

Bertram, my 9 year old canary, ready for a road trip

he did great in the car

celebrating my Dad's birthday (in Chicago with my Dad and brother) and Mother's day (at the farm with my Mom and brother). 

Leaving Matthias and our home and garden (and our kitties, one of whom is blind and sick, the other deaf... having so many aging pets at the same time is difficult and sad), was so hard.

But spring is really here at the farm (I left for Cleveland in a snowstorm!).  There is green, green, green.  Our seedlings are growing.  The daffodils have finally opened.

Mom and I visited the garden center in town (absolutely gorgeous!) and are raring to get things moving along.  We came home with a bit more flowers (can't ever have enough).  For now, my new little plant is in my room.

I can never resist fuchsias.  I brought two of my fuchsia plants back from Cleveland, but I wasn't able to fit the standard (the one I want to paint) in my car this trip.  Maybe I'll paint this one instead.  I'm really loving it on the table with my African violets,

most of which have lots of flowers coming!

So, for now, I'm focusing on little pleasures, one of which (not so little, really) was a wonderful surprise thank-you from the lovely Jenny Blair (she won my giveaway in February).  I was delighted to find a package from Scotland in my mailbox on Saturday.

All of her paintings are lovely but The Girl and the Goat is my favorite!  The print is gorgeous and I love the elephant card she sent with it!

I need to get back into the swing of things. 


  1. Hi Anne! thanks for sharing these pics! your canary is adorable! hope you have a great week filled with creativity :)

  2. Maybe there has been something in the wind. Many, many people I know (including myself) have had a hard week. Sending love and I agree, you can never have enough flowers! xo Rach

  3. not surprised you feel pulled in every direction! Flowers definitely help settle and steady though :) So glad you like the token of appreciation..sorry it took so long :)xxu

  4. Wow you sound stretched. Remember to breathe! Love the canary - want one now - and Bertram is such a cool name!

  5. I love the name Bertram too!!! It seems that life is very unsettling for you at the moment. Try to have a few days to gather your thoughts and relax (if you are able to) and I am sure that you will soon get back into the swing of things.

  6. I love the pictures and colors in this post. You canary is very cute! My goodness, it sounds like you've been busy!

  7. Hi Anne - you've been a busy girly! It must be exhausting physically and especially emotionally for you. Pretty canary and I love fuchsias. I haven't owned any fuchsias for years but I feel like I want one now. There's a gorgeous herb & plant nursery nearby that has of recent times developed into a beautiful place that I'm sure you'd love. The people there are really passionate about herbs, plants & trees and are happy to chat and help. It has such a nice atmosphere and the plants seem healthier than they do in the more commercial garden centres.
    You're very lucky to get gift from Jenny - I love her art work. I'm trying to persuade her to run courses up where she lives in gorgeous Scotland ;-)

    Hope you feel better soon. If we lived closer I'd invite you round for a cuppa and a slice of cake. But as it is I shall just have to send you a virtual ((hug)).
    Take care
    Kat X

  8. Thanks so much for all the kind thoughts coming my way. Sending virtual hugs to you all. (Kat, I'd love to visit that nursery with you and share a cuppa and cake, sounds wonderful!).


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