the best laid plans -- my giveaway winner

So... I guess I have lots of plans that haven't been working quite right lately.  Partly because I haven't been feeling well and partly because we've been busy.  Working outside, preparing for the baby chicks and ducklings... busy!  I have a few blog entries that I wanted to make before doing the drawing for my giveaway, but time just disappeared.  No matter. 

On to the drawing!  My idea for the drawing really didn't go as planned.  My brilliant idea was to have Holden help me out this time. 

He seemed eager.  Especially as food was involved.  I wrote down the names on little slips of paper

and folded them up.  I then lined them up on Holden's bed and placed a piece of dog food on top of each folded paper.

My plan was to see which piece of food Holden ate first and the person whose name was on that piece of paper would be the winner.  Well...

I didn't count on Holden eating the paper, too.  But that was ok (hey, he's eaten worse things!) because there was one slip left.

I unfolded it...

For those of you who don't know, Sharon is my mom.  Well, when she found out that she had won, she politely declined, claiming that it wasn't fair to have my mom win my giveaway. 

Ok, time for a new plan.  I figured Dovey would be a willing participant.  She's usually all over what you're working on anyway.  I made new slips of paper and folded them up on the sofa.

Dovey came over and sniffed at the papers.  I quickly tried to snap her picture

while trying to pay attention to where she was stepping (it didn't work quite as well as I had hoped... do you see a theme here?).  The photo turned out too dark, but I did manage to figure out that the name she was stepping on was:

Missy!!  Hooray, Missy!  Just email me your address and I'll send off your bracelet.  Thank you, Missy for all of the encouragement you've given me since we "met" through Art Every Day Month.  It's been fun!  And thank you to everyone who played along.  I always appreciate the support, encouragement and kindness of everyone in blogland (and my real-life friends and family, too).

And Holden thanks you for giving him a chance to eat some rather dry pieces of paper.

Well, ok, I guess that was all me.  You would never have thought to try to get a dog to eat pieces of food off tiny slips of paper.


  1. Yay, thanks so much Anne! Thanks also to your mom and Dovey. You've been a wonderful friend!

  2. Just giggling while thinking "Holden ate me" as a greeting today. :D
    Congratulations to Missy. :)

  3. Fancy Holden picking your Mum!!! Well done on Dovey picking Missy. Congratulations! You do pick some unusual (and fun) ways of deciding a winner Anne!

  4. This had me laughing so hard, Anne, because this is how I'm planning to pick a winner for my drawing Sunday!!! I'll have to tweak my method a bit!!
    Congrats to Missy, and I do hope you are feeling better.


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