birds and fruit trees

I'm still feeling odd.  It doesn't help that I've had a few too many headaches these last few days.  And other than a bit of crochet, I haven't done much creative.  Maybe getting out the paints will help.

BUT, it's been busy here.  Working outside, meeting new people, preparing for the baby chicks... Time is flying by with it all.  Yesterday evening, after a very full day, the UPS man delivered the rest of our fruit trees!  While I was in Cleveland the first batch came and when my Dad came up for a visit he helped my mom plant them.  Peaches, cherries and apples.  The cherries and apples went in our orchard space:

And the peaches went in what the previous owner called the rose garden (notice how overgrown it is with grass... clearing it out might take us all summer).

The trees were all pretty small (and super cute!).  Some are already showing growth.

Today my mom and I planted three pear trees and one apple tree in the orchard and two apricots in the rose garden.

We have more trees to plant.  It's really very exciting.  What's also exciting is the fact that I keep seeing more and more new birds.  The hummingbirds have returned (and stopped by the feeder!) and today an oriole was visiting.

We want to get an oriole feeder to encourage them to stick around.  I also noticed that some swallows seem to be building a nest in one of our bluebird boxes.

I'm going to have to be a little quicker with my camera if I want to get some photos.  There's plenty more growing and blooming.  I'll share it soon.


  1. Dearest sweet sweet anne, i am so sorry to hear that you have been feeling under the weather. I totally know it feels to have headaches for days..i hope you feel better soon! Sending you lots of love and healing thoughts your way.

    I am such a huge fan of gardening and look at your beautiful orchard space!! Wish i could drop by and help out too!

    Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. h what wonderful photos of a wonderful activity -planting trees! Makes me want to take out my camera and take a few myself. We're in the middle of moving into a new (for us) house. We're now unpacking and there is sooooo much to do including plating three fruit trees i took with me from our old garden...

    Your trees look lovely.

    xx Ines

  3. Everything looks so heavenly, hope your feeling better.


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