3 Weeks

Three weeks ago today we picked up the baby chicks at the post office.  Yesterday we brought them out to their chicken house (I just realized I don't have a photo of the house with the door closed -- there's one on my mom's blog, though, as well as the detailed story about it's construction).

Eli, our Amish friend finished up with the house on Friday and we prepped it for the birds.  They have grown a lot and were getting crowded in their tub in the basement.

The house has two windows and two doors: a big door for us and a little door for the chickens.  We carried them out to it in two boxes and then sat in the house with them for a long time as they investigated everything.  Eli's wife, when she was over on Friday, said we should have a Grand Opening for the chicken house and in a way we did.  Although we didn't have tea and scones or cake and ice cream, it was so much fun to just sit with the chickens and watch them interact with each other and us where they had plenty of space.  I brought my camera along because I was dying to take some photos of them in natural light.

They have grown so much! And I've become so attached to them.  They are cute and interesting and really tame and friendly.

I always pick up as many of them as I can, just so they become used to me.  This little one, a Barred Rock was perfectly content to sit on my hand and sit on my hand and sit on my hand.  She has the tiniest tail of all of the chicks; most of the others are already growing their tail feathers.  Like this Rhode Island Red:

The feather growth is actually pretty funny looking.  They don't grow all at once so they look patchy and scrappy and not so pretty.  But they will be gorgeous.  The feathers that have already grown are really lovely.

So much variation in coloring.  And the funny little "exotic" chick?

S/he looks like she has an 80s hairdo.  I've been contemplating which 80s musician I should name her/him after.  Even if her/his head looks kind of funny, the other feathers are beautiful.  And s/he has a really spunky personality.

I'll admit it, I'm totally smitten.  With all of them.

And I'm so glad that they seem to be doing so well and they've really gotten used to us.  I can't say the same for our poor little ducks.  They have not gotten used to us at all.  If anything they seem to be even more frightened of us now than they were when we first brought them home.  I really don't know what to do about it.  It makes me very sad.


  1. The house looks lovely with the sweet blue paint. The chicks, especially the one with 80s hairdo, are adorable! :D

  2. Nice house for the chickens !! There is almost a little farm in it ;-))

  3. Cute little house for the chikkies!! the one with the weird hairdo is adorable!

  4. OMG! They have grown a lot! How exciting! :)

  5. Hi Anne :)
    Thanks for visiting me, glad to meet you!
    Love your new chickies! I've always thought it would fun to have a few of our own...maybe someday.

  6. I have only just caught up with this post. I love the chickens so much, especially the 'exotic' one with the punk rocker hairdo!!! I cannot believe how quickly they have grown. I wonder why your ducklings are frightened? Maybe they are not naturally friendly like the chickens? Don't be disheartened. I read a blog at www.pipany-poltiskofarm.blogspot.com and she has just done a post on her ducklings. Maybe you could contact her for some advice or just look at her lovely photos!

  7. Isn't that Grace Jones? Arsenio Hall is the only other one I recall who wore that style.

  8. Gorgeous photos! They grow so quick. They're adorable; no wonder you're totally smitten! And they're lucky chicks having all your love & attention & a gorgeous house! I do hope the poor little duckies settle in soon.
    Kat Xx

  9. Wow, they're adorable. What a wonderful chicken coop they have to live in. Love the exotic chick with the feather top, reminds me of duran duran. Best of luck with the ducks and chicks.

  10. Hi Anne,
    I've been off in my own world, but love seeing this post about your chicks! They are too cute and so many different kinds! The chicken coop is so sweet - of course, these are observations by a person who knows nothing about chickens, but I love the photos! I can see you'll be very busy with these cuties!
    Hope you are well. have a great weekend!

  11. What a wonderful chicken house! The chicks are sooo cute!

  12. How exciting! They are all so cute. :)


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