Not so giant strawberries for Sweet Saturday

On our property we have two meadows.  At least, we call them meadows.  They are areas full of grass and wildflowers.  They're wild and messy and beautiful.  The birds love them and I find signs of deer there all the time.  That's where the Queen Anne's Lace and goldenrod grow.  That's where we harvested nettles this spring, too.  When we started mowing our grass, I decided to mow a path through the meadows so we could walk them all summer long.  Most evenings Holden and I walk the meadow path.

The wildflowers are getting taller and taller and the path is becoming very well defined.  I find it thrilling to walk that narrow corridor.

The west meadow, next to the house and across the road from a cemetery is full of strawberry plants.  We've been wondering whether those plants would bear fruit and what sort of fruit they'd bear.  This spring the plants were full of little white flowers.

A good sign.  And today on my evening walk with Holden I noticed that some of the plants not only had fruit, but they had RED fruit.

Sweet and full of strawberry flavor.  But teeny tiny.  I picked a handful and am hoping that the birds don't discover them before I can get back out there and pick some more.

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  1. How delightful. Your fields look like my dream... would love to have a yard like that - and picking strawberries too! Just perfect.

    Love Rach x

  2. Oh what a wonderful post !!!!! Anne I love strawberries....we have some in our vegetable your sweet pics!!!!!! And I am so thrilled you are getting a Bee tattoo on your wrist.....that is where I got mine and I love it.....I love having my art on my wrist!! Thanks for participating!!!!!!!

  3. now that's a sweet start to the season! YUMMY!

  4. How wonderful to have your own meadows and wild strawberries too!

  5. what a great idea to mow a path through your meadow. And the strawberries look so good.

  6. Oh!You live in such a heavenly place...I can feel its magic from here :)
    Bet those teeny tiny strawberries taste all the better for growing freeeeeee! xx

  7. That path through the meadow sounds lovely, and wild strawberries are a sweet bonus! Sounds like a storybook tale!

  8. I hope your strawberries are sweet! I bought a strawberry plant, had one ripe, but it's very sour.

  9. sweet! I like to go take a walk through the meadows.

    have a lovely day.


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