My visit was over in a flash.  I can hardly believe it went by so fast.  I've already spent two nights back in my bed at the farm.  As always the transition has been jarring.  Plus my computer has been acting up so doing things like going through my photos and working on my blog are taking lots longer than they should.  For a moment I'll pretend I'm still on vacation and I'll share some of my photos from our visit to The Chicago Botanic Garden.

We started our visit with scones and coffee on the deck outside their restaurant.

And then we walked and walked and walked.

And had to visit the fruit and vegetable island twice because it's our favorite.

That arch is made of apple trees!

But everything was beautiful.

We also had a lot of fun hanging out with my dad and brother.  Eating all sorts of yummies, playing games, watching movies, walking in beautiful places.  And the concert was amazing.  My feet ached and I was hot and sweaty by the end of the night, but there's something great about live music.

And now I am missing Matthias more than ever.


  1. gorgeous photos.

    the decemberists AND the head and the heart, all in one night???????? you are one lucky girl.

    hoping you can see matthias again soon...

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! I so love flowers and gardens. I have never see or heard of "pleaching" before - that looks so cool! Hard to believe they're actually trees! Hope you get to feeling more settled in, soon. The better the vacation, the tougher the readjustment when you come home. And I really hope your computer starts behaving better for you!

  3. MIss you! I had such a great time! Too fast!

  4. Hugs, hugs, to all of you. BIG hugs to Matthias. Missing you so much!


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