Road Trip

Yesterday I drove from Viroqua to Chicago to spend a week with my dad. Matthias drove in from Cleveland, too. We're going to see The Decemberists' concert on Monday. And just generally enjoy ourselves. Already had our first hotdogs of the visit.

And some good Chicago pizza, too.

I had a great time driving. The first leg of the drive is so pretty.

Winding, hilly country road. Almost no traffic. Windows rolled down and my favorite music playing.

Unfortunately when the temperature soared enough to make me turn on my air conditioning it wasn't working. Made for a hot ride, but it also made me a bit nostalgic for the days that Matthias and I used to road trip in our old truck that had no A/C. That is, until I got here and realized that my car was having more problems than just a flaking out A/C. It's in the shop right now.

Poor car. It's 6 years old and I guess it's about now that I can expect things to start going wrong with it. I just hope that all the little things we're having them check out will end up being just that, little things.

I've never tried writing a blog post with my phone before, but I wanted to travel light. I didn't bring my camera, either. It's a fun challenge. I do hope it cools down a bit because a lot of what we want to do is outside. Though the most important thing is just that we get to spend time together.


  1. Wow, that came out really good for a phone post! I've been wanting to try this out myself but I've been intimidated by it. Silly me.

    I wish you so much fun, with your family, on your road trip, and at the concert and I hope your car feels better very soon!

  2. Who would have thought that you could blog post with a phone! I hope you get the car problems sorted out and have a lovely trip!

  3. Dearest sweet anne, that hotdog looks soo yummie!! How awesome to be spending some time with your papa. Have a lovely merry happy vacation and love to you!

  4. Hope you are having a wonderful road trip, and your car gets better for the return back! :)
    So enjoyed reading your check-in post and am so impressed you have been keeping up with the morning pages..I never got passed that block at all!!! Your photos are so beautiful and I can't wait to see more :)xx

  5. My phone wouldn't manage a phone post but I like the idea of having a phone that allowed that freedom. Cars are always an expensive pain but it is great to hit the open road singing along to music. I miss driving. Its been over a year but I'm not giving up hope of driving again one day. Hope your car only has minor injuries.
    Enjoy your trip!
    Kat Xx

  6. The trip was wonderful, thanks so much!

    My car is working well again. Everything worked out perfectly.


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