Harvesting and preserving

It's been busy here.

I made my first dill pickles

using a modified version of Ashley English's dill pickle recipe from her book (I added a lot more garlic -- freshly dug -- and some extra dill):

You might remember my radish pickles (also fudged from a recipe in that book).  I opened the first jar the other day and they are so good.  I was so happy that my substituted spices ended up working well.  I'm hoping my pickled beans will turn out as good:

I was somehow thinking that I'd also be able to make a zucchini bread, work on two paintings and photograph a new bracelet for my shop today.  Amazingly all those things didn't happen.


  1. Dearest sweet anne, i am loving your beautiful garden...filled with yummie harvest! This really reminded me of my papa's vegie garden and how much fun i had harvesting with him. I am sure your dill pickles will turn out yummiee! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. We don't have a garden but I envy those that do! Those pickles and beans look so yummy! And garlic... I can never get enough!

  3. Looks great! The dill pickle jars (as you're preparing them) almost look like little teraniums. And love the photo with the beans and your suntanned feat...very summer-esque!

  4. These photos really make me smile! I love all things "garden"

  5. You have made loads of lovely pickles! judging from what you say you have a 'scanner' personality like me! I have so many diverse interests it is difficult to find time for them all!

  6. You need one of those things that sets time back like Hermione used in Harry Potter!!

    Everything looks terrific. Yay you!

  7. I think I really do need a time turner like in Harry Potter. Would really come in handy. :)

    Thanks so much for all the nice comments. Love the idea that the jars look like terrariums! I think the look so pretty and it was really fun to do.

    It's great to hear everyone's thoughts/associations with gardens/gardening.

  8. You certainly have been busy!! What wonderful foods you'll have for the winter!


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