30 days of giving thanks

The other day I received the Free Spirit Knits newsletter and this time Shannon talks about her challenge for the month of November, 30 Days of Giving Thanks

I missed the first day and truthfully, I was far from thankful yesterday.  I was mired in negativity and all I could think about was me, me, me.  I think that's one of the reasons that this challenge will be so good for me.  So first off, I want to thank Shannon for coming up with this challenge and for sharing it with the world like this.

Today I also sent an email to a friend who has really been there for me lately.  I feel so grateful that I've had her to talk to and I really don't know what I would have done without her.  I've thanked her before, but you can never say "thank you" too much or too many times. 

So here's the first of a month of gratitude.  Blogging and being on my computer have been challenging for me lately, but I'm going to try to post as much as possible this month and maybe even join in Art Every Day Month, too (um, failing on that front so far, didn't create yesterday or today, at least not yet).


  1. Anne-
    THANK you for joining us on this challenge. I think that is one reason why I was feeling such a desire to do this too - to step beyond myself... ! Looking forward to sharing this month with you.

  2. one of my all time favorite quotes is...

    "Gratitude is heaven itself"

    (William Blake)

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year, in part because the commercial world has not yet corrupted it, but also because it is a day set aside to reflect on and express all that we have to be grateful for. I try to make gathering gratitude a daily practice the rest of the year, too. Sometimes the simple act of sitting down with a cup of tea and counting my blessings can transform my mood and energy. It really is remarkable.

    I look forward to watching November unfold over here at "my giant strawberry"!!!


  3. What a nice idea to participate in - gratitude is a good cure for the blues.


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