juggling and looking for beauty

Life has been a juggling act recently.  Matthias and I are still trying to figure things out.  It's been a rough adjustment, but the road has been smoothing out.

The newest ball added to those that I've been juggling is the job I started last week.  I interviewed on Saturday and by Wednesday I had started working.  It's part time, but my time has suddenly shrunk.  My best intentions for blogging and working on art have gone out the window.  And I've been prioritizing, too.  Do I spend time painting, or do I help out a friend and let her dog out and spend time playing with him?  Do I stay at home and work on projects or do I accompany Matthias on a mission of his?  Do I spend the day inside working on art or spend the day outside hiking in as many parks as possible?  For me, the answers to all of those questions were pretty easy.  But that also means that I have very little to show for myself in terms of art.  And it means that I haven't been able to visit all the blogs that I've wanted to, which I think is going to be something I keep pushing to the bottom of the list.  There has to be something.

One thing I have been doing is soaking up the beauty around me.  That day of super hiking was filled with example after example of beauty.

I only took a few photos, but I really spent time paying attention.  I watched a hawk fly up into the branches of a tree in front of us.  I noticed a buck with an impressive set of antlers walking through the underbrush and I enjoyed the blue, blue sky and brightly colored leaves overhead.

I've been so grateful to the universe for all that beauty.  Even in my neighborhood I get reminders to pay attention and notice those details.  On a walk with a friend that evening we noticed the neighborhood buck stepping through yards.  I've enjoyed all the beautiful leaf colors and have been quick to cut any roses that I find opening in my garden.  In this month of gratitude I am sending out thanks for the flowers and trees and animals that help remind me daily of the beauty of the world.

I also recently thanked a kind stranger who stopped and talked with Matthias and me when we noticed her beautiful dog (she even let me snap a photo of him -- he was more than ready to pose for the shot).

Life without a dog has been lonely and we've been moving toward adding another furry family member.  I'm not usually one to strike up conversations with strangers, but this woman and her sweet dog, Lou, were another gift from the universe.


  1. Such beauty! Congratulations on the new job! What are you doing there?

  2. It is good to get out and about Anne. I am sure this will inspire you on the days you get to do your art. Well done on getting a new job! Lou looks like a lovely walking companion.

  3. Everything has seasons even art output! I had my paints in the loft for six years! Whats the new job?

  4. Thanks so much for the encouragement and congratulations! I'm working in a bookstore right now. I've never done that before. It's fun to try something new. I was a librarian for years and I wanted to try something different for the time being. So far so good, though it's an adjustment in terms of figuring out my time.


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