preparations and inspiration

In five days two greyhounds will be coming home to live with us.  To say that I'm excited is an understatement!  I have been preparing like crazy, much to Matthias' amusement.  But it's been wonderful to be so caught up in a project again.  Even though I've been battling a nasty cold and sinus infection, I've felt more like myself while playing with fabrics than I have in months. 

Why have I been playing with fabrics while preparing for bringing home the dogs?  Well, I have Claire Leggett to thank for that inspiration.  When I saw the crate cover she created months and months and months ago, I filed the idea away for future reference.  When I started thinking about needing two huge, ugly crates for the dogs, I remembered her creation and knew I wanted to create something to pretty them up a bit. 

When the crates got here, I set them up in my porch/studio (with a little help from a certain someone).

he went right in

My covers are a little different from Claire's.  I just wanted something on the top (for now) so that the guys can still see out (and be able to see each other).

The toppers just need a little finishing.

I'm so happy with how the patchwork turned out. 

Thank you, Claire, for the inspiration!  And I am also so grateful to Amy Butler for creating such beautiful fabrics.  I have endless fun playing around with them.


  1. Anne they're terrific, what a great idea! - and it's such a sweet thought - they're gonna feel SO welcome. And I love your little helper :) Amy Butler drives me crazy (in a good way!) - I can never decide which of her fabrics to choose, they are all insanely inspring! I love the way you've played with them. Can't wait to see the photos of your new family members!

  2. Anne how exciting! I'm so excited for you :) I looked back at the post you linked too and Lottie looks so cute! She had her first ever grooming session this weekend gone. Four hours later she is trimmed and smelling sweet and looking a lot more like that sweet little pup again. Aww! Can't wait to meet yours. Five days and counting...

  3. Anne, I am just so excited to see these furry nephews of mine! Ha ha!
    I really can't wait to come up for a visit, just a matter of time. And I also can't wait to see all your projects in person. I am in need some good ol' inspiration now. I have my living room painted and am excited of getting the new floor in, hopefully not much longer. Keep posting all that is happening, and every stage of your projects!

  4. The patchworks are beautiful. I can't wait to see your new greyhounds - wonderful news!

  5. Happy for you. :) The patchwork is adorable.

  6. ooh a new addition to the exciting :) And as always your stitched creations are so beautifully done. What a gorgeous collection of fabrics you have. LOVE the cage up-do :)xx

  7. Thanks so much, everyone!



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