12 joyful thoughts

Yesterday I visited the Dottie Angel blog and found this post.  It was the last in a series, The Twelve Days of Joyfulness, with each day featuring some sort of project how-to.  This last project was simply to write down a list of 12 joyful things.  So I did.  And here it is.

Just a simple list of twelve little bits of joy and some not so little bits of joy.

With soup on the stove

(inspired by Sharon of The Teacup Incident) and a cup of tea beside me, I probably could have come up with 200 thoughts of joy.  I'm even feeling ready for winter (though our snow did melt yesterday and we're back to mud).  The snow was so pretty.

love that joyful leaping!

and the prettiness of the back of the house in the snowy yard

I've been feeling very inspired, for whatever reason (like Dana*, hit by inspiration, not sure where it came from, but joyful at its arrival!) and have been working on bunches of projects.  It feels amazing.

This quilt top has been waiting for me to put it together as a quilt since I finished it in April.  A challenge now with the dogs.  Having one little cat try to walk across your quilt on the floor is one thing.  But two 75 pound dogs made of almost pure muscle is something else entirely.

The design made by one such dog walking onto, turning around and walking off the layers of the quilt looks pretty cool, though.  Maybe that was their intention.

They do seem to like craftiness.  Or at least craft supplies.  Both enjoy skeins of yarn.  Someone even ate part of the label off one, presumably to get closer to the yumminess of the yarn itself.  Glue sticks seem to be pretty intriguing for them, too.  But most of the time they are doing something like this:

Take a moment today to write down a list of joy.  It's sure to brighten your day.  Thank you, Tiff, for the idea!

*Be sure to stop by Dana's blog and enter her giveaway!


  1. Happy holidays, Anne! I'm glad you tried the soup. Those dogs look like a bundle of cheer no matter what the weather's doing. Love the image of your dog leaping in snow! Thanks for the idea of a joyful list, via Dottie Angel.

  2. Hi Anne. What a really nice list! Thanks for sharing. Today I need to write my own. Your dogs look so sweet! xo

  3. I feel full to bursting, knowing you are happy, Anne.

  4. WOw, they're 75 pounds?? For some reason I thought they were smaller! Glad you're in a creative streak, it feels great doesn't it!?

  5. Lovely to read such contentedness...I hope it rubs off on me today :)

  6. Oh, my Ramona HATES the snow! Glad yours seem to be enjoying it :) Can't wait to find out what you finally name them!

  7. Such loveliness! I hope your holidays are wonderful! xo

  8. heehee, love those crafty loving doggies.And what a fab idea to write 12 JOYful things..shall make an effort to do this before the day is out!
    Sending a huge ammount of hugs and love your way Anne..hoping you and yours have a wonderful holiday time...(and a dream come true explosion in 2012!) xx

  9. What a sweet idea, Anne. I will definitely give it a go!

  10. Dearest sweet anne, this is such a warm and cozy post! The soup look so yummiee! I hope your christmas was bright and merry! Wishing you a lovely merry happy festive time with your family and friends! Love to you!


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