winter beauty

It's not technically winter yet, I know.  But with the shift from rain to dustings of snow and sunshine (and COLD temperatures), it feels like winter.  Good winter.  We've been enjoying trips to the parks with the dogs and being cozy inside. 

I've piled up some of my blankets in the bedroom but have fantasies of putting them all together on just the right kind of display, preferably thrifted or trash picked and painted a pretty color. 

If it could stay sunshiny like this all winter long I'd be very happy.

Jerome still hasn't formally met the puppies.  He prefers to spend 99.9% of his time camped out on our bed.

I've done some creative cooking lately, but only managed to photograph the eggplant I used as part of a recent calzone filling.

There's a leftover calzone in the freezer and that thought makes me so happy.  Some evening we'll pull it out and heat it up and dinner will be done with almost no effort at all.

Another thing making happy is that there are still roses in the garden.

When they're gone I'll be fantasizing about next year's garden.  Oh, the joys of winter.


  1. Colourful! You are always surrounded by beauty! You are beautiful. :)

  2. Feel full of love knowing you find much beauty within your sweet home and just beyond the door.


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